We Cook It
Palmers, Kilternan, Dublin


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Posted 29th Oct 2011 by SZILVI85First Timer: 1 reviews

The delivery service we experienced tonight was extremely poor since the delivery man was a very rude and unreliable person. When my partner went down to pay for the food, the delivery guy was furious by the fact that he had to give us some change back and was even using foul language which I find totally unprofessional and unacceptable. He said he didn't have any change and asked if there was a place where he could get change for the 50 euro bill we gave him. We suggested the Pizza Hut which is right next door and instead of reacting to our suggestion, he just walked off without saying a word! Yes, with our 50 euro bill! So my partner asked him where he was going with our money and he said "Well you have the food and besides my van might get clamped." My partner had to literally walk after and follow this man to his van and before getting there, this man finally turned around and patted his pockets and took his money out and my partner counted what he had seen and told him "oh will you look at that, you do have enough change for us sir." We finally got our 25 euro change back and that was the end of the story. No apologizes or anything. The food at least was delicious, however, I do hope this restaurant finds better delivery employees because at this rate I am sorry but I am not willing to put up with this kind of poor service and I will definitely not be recommending this place to any of my friends or neighbours living in the Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford area. Oh, and might I add that we received quite a late delivery as our food only arrived an hour and 50 mins after we placed our order.

Posted 19th Dec 2009 by LCOMConnoisseur: 18 reviews

I think people are confusing We Cook It with the Golden ball pub. They are 2 different places. We Cook It is the best indian takeaway around. The prices are a little high, but the food is very tasty.

Posted 14th Jul 2009 by ELAINE24First Timer: 1 reviews

got delivery from wecookit last night for the first time. don't think i'll be using it again. food was good but poor service and value put me off. ordered two main courses only one was delivered and the second 20 mins later- charged delivery charge twice although it was their mistake. also did not get the special offer that they advertise either. very disappointed

Posted 6th Apr 2009 by AMANDA BGuru: 35 reviews

My own personal experience is that Ive never had a good experience in Palmers. I find the food bland and tasteless. I wouldnt recommend and wont be rushing back

Posted 30th Mar 2009 by SUSANJGuru: 176 reviews

I love this place. Its the nearest you can to a country pub whilst still being in Dublin. We go to it from Dundrum and the 44 bus takes you all the way there. Great atmosphere with great food and a little slice of the country thrown in. Highly recommended.

Posted 20th Jan 2009 by NIGELTUFNELLFoodie: 4 reviews

We' have gotten deliveries from this place a few times. Delivery times are ok, although they have forgotten drinks/sauces on a couple of occasions (crediting our account rather than dropping them down grrr...), but the food is good enough. Tikka masala was quite sweet, good breads, but heat/spice gauge sems a bit tame, so beware if you are looking for something HOT...medium wont do it!!

Posted 18th Dec 2008 by KATE*Newbie: 4 reviews

I have got take away from here a good few times over the past few months and have never been disappointed. The fish dishes are especially nice. The restaurant in Palmers is not great however but would definitely recommend the take away service.

Posted 16th Dec 2008 by MOLLYPOPConnoisseur: 13 reviews

We have take-away's from here quite a bit, and also eat in Palmers, which is a nice relaxed pub atmosphere for Indian food. The standard has slipped in the past few months, but it's still one of the better Indian take-aways in the area. The vegetarian options are a little limited compared to other Indian's.I'd like to see them put the good quality sun-dried tomatoes in the Pindi Chana again & also offer a spicy vegetarian offer, like a aloo gobi masala.

Posted 15th Sep 2008 by SUSANMBOWMANNewbie: 2 reviews

I get take away delivered from this restaurant regularly. It's always quick, the right order and good value. It's obvious from the food that the ingredients are fresh and simple. I would recommend the Prawn Jalfrezi - the prawns are big and juicy. The tomato sauce is really fresh and not heavy at all. The portions are always huge. The Chicken Shaslik the same. Big portion, fresh ingredients, succulent chicken. Great. The Dal Tarka which is a lentil side is a good alternative to rice/naan if your not crab friendly.
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