Wagamama Dundrum
Unit G1, Building 12, Dundrum, Dublin


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Wagamama in Dundrum is located just 5km South of Dublin city centre in Ireland’s largest retail centre, Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 16. The restaurant’s ideal location makes it the perfect spot for some delicious cuisine, whether you’re meeting friends or you need to take a break from a shopping trip. The Wagamama restaurants have steadily garnered an excellent reputation in Ireland over the last few years and they continue to be a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. This is modern, casual dining at its best! The Wagamama restaurants are modelled on the trendy Japanese ramen bars. The menu presents a variety of tasty side dishes, main meals and desserts, and the friendly staff pride themselves on their efficient service. This is Japanese food at its finest; the staff are committed to providing the best dining experience for their customers, and the wide ranging menu will guarantee that there's something for everyone no matter what your tastes are.
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Posted 19th May 2017 by FOODIE1212First Timer: 1 reviews

Excellent food and service.
Will definitely be back.
THE place to dine while in Dundrum.

Posted 9th Aug 2016 by HMCGUIRK1Newbie: 21 reviews

Really enjoyed this my daughter brought us on her student card and it was really good and really good value even better with student card but will go back even at full price

Posted 18th Apr 2016 by PMACK37Foodie: 18 reviews

You simply can't go wrong in Wagamamma's the food is always freshly maid and to a high standard. its always consistent and you can feel secure if you order the vegetarian option that it is in fact vegetarian. I'd eat here every day if my waist line would let me.. Service is always spot on and friendly with out being over the top "Give me a tip" friendly. We sat beside a south African family who raved about their meal as did we.. Yum!

Posted 5th Jan 2016 by CHEEKYCHAPFirst Timer: 20 reviews

Great food,service and value.Nice relaxed atmosphere also.

Posted 20th Jul 2015 by STRIDERSWOEConnoisseur: 28 reviews

One word, chicken katsu and that is why I come here again and again. The starters of ebi katsu and gyoza were very tasty. Love the consistently good food and the generous space allocated for seating. The fact that they serve orchard thieves cider is also a big plus.

Posted 1st Jul 2015 by HENRIETTA.CSEPEFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Brilliant food, brilliant staff.

Posted 24th Jun 2015 by CHEERFULIRISHConnoisseur: 24 reviews

just love this place. Excellent Staff. Delicious food and great value!

Posted 31st Mar 2015 by DPHEConnoisseur: 16 reviews

I always look forward to eating in Wagamama. On this occasion I opted for the terriyaki beef donburi, which was served in a bowl, and I also ordered the squid and duck gyosa sides to share. The donburi was absolutely delicious, my first time trying that item from the menu. My wife chose the vegetable katsu curry and my teenage kids went for the terriyaki chicken donburi and beef terriyaki soba respectively. The plates were left empty. This is the restaurant of choice for my young adult children. All in, with drinks, desserts and coffee the bill was around €100 which is excellent value. I highly recommend.

Posted 28th Dec 2014 by LEONIEDYARFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Absolutely fantastic as always!

Posted 16th Nov 2014 by MISTYMERLOTGuru: 29 reviews

Ginger chicken Udon! Yum! Great staff
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