Umi Falafel - Dame St
13 Dame Street, City Centre South, Dublin


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Umi is the Arabic word for mother which explains why their falafel are handmade with care.

At Umi they want to share with you their passion for the freshest and most authentic falafel in Dublin. Their bread is freshly baked and their salads, pickles and sauces are made to a family recipe.

At Umi Falafel Dame Street, you can enjoy their falafels and salads in a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant has a modern seating area which can seat up to 50 falafel enthusiasts.

In addition to their sit down restaurant, they also have a take-out service.

What are Falafels?
Falafels are wholesome, round, golden-brown croquettes that are slightly crunchy on the outside and soft and moist from the inside. We take great pride in preparing our Falafel which are prepared fresh daily.

We first soak the fresh chickpeas in water for 24 Hours; we then combine up to 15 different ingredients such as onions, garlic, parsley, coriander and our special Umi spices such as cumin, crushed chillies, cloves, cinnamon and more. The recipe is 100% vegetarian and high in protein.
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Posted 4th Oct 2015 by DEJEUNERGuru: 41 reviews

Decent middle eastern food unfortunately marred by terrible service. A simple portion of falafel took over 45 minutes. It's targeting a fast food audience in a similar setting, so such a long wait just isn't acceptable. The salads are fresh and falafel tasty, but I won't be back.

Posted 21st Aug 2015 by GSTANESCU84First Timer: 10 reviews

Well I travelled along with my Vegetarian meetup group. We had been here in the past. I enjoyed my time. Food was exquisite. heheehe. The waiter knew his stuff and his dishes dietary. I was most impressed. He knew what was vegan and wasn't. Although the majority of the dishes on offer is Vegan, some are vegetarian. So I just wanted to make sure. Considering the place was bouncing, he was speculator. Ever since Delhi O' Delhi(Review here), closed down(RIP), I have been naming Umi Falafel as my FAV vegan/vegetarian restaurant. Umi is Arabic for "Mother".

Following is what I had

The Lebanese Falafel
Batata Hara/Wedges
Lentil Soup

The Lentil Soup, mmmmmmmm was heaven. Totally enjoyed it. Creamey(VEGAN) creamey soup.
I had asked the waiter what was the soup of the day and he reploied Brocoli Soup of which was I wasn't the best of. SO I chose a nicer soup of which I was glad. hahahah

The Lebanese Falafel was filled in a wrap style or as they call it a Falafel. Filled with styuffiny type, Tomato, Cucumber, pickles, parsely and tahini sauce. It was scrumptious. IT would be suitable as a lunch. It was heaven. mmmmm.

I asked for a side order of Wedges or in Arabic BAtata Hara. They were a bit dry, spicyness was "Just Right". Not too hot, and not too bland(opposite of spicy), it was JUST RIGHT.

I asked for a dessert menu. I quickly looked and chose Basbousa

Posted 18th Aug 2015 by EMMAKATEFirst Timer: 9 reviews

Really great fast food. It doesnt feel like a fast food restaurant. You can take more time over a meal here.

Posted 19th Jul 2015 by FAINCUTFirst Timer: 10 reviews

One of the best places to get a good falafel or food in general. On sunny days you should order falafel and fresh juice to go and head to Dubhlinn Garden just behind, for an improvised picnic :)

Posted 19th Apr 2015 by DAG1First Timer: 33 reviews

Good menu with lots of choices to mix and match and great deals (falafel sandwich, wedges and a drink for €7.50, Falafel plate, 4 falafel, 3 dips, 2 bread, salad of your choice and a drink €7.50). I had the Fattoush salad which was so fresh and so tasty. The Palestinian falafel sandwich was delicious, bursting with flavour and very filling. The falafel were tasty,but a little on the crunchy side. The wedges (Batata Hara) were ok, nothing special and couldn't taste any spicing. Only gripe would be that serving on the wooden boards makes it hard to assemble and cut food. Will return.

Posted 30th Mar 2015 by OMARLITTLEFirst Timer: 4 reviews

it is a brilliant place for something quick and healthy!

Posted 11th Oct 2014 by MOUNTAINLOVERFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Great place, have been here several times, great food, great price

Posted 8th Sep 2014 by VEGGIECHICKFirst Timer: 2 reviews

Definitely worth a visit for the tasty falafels. Ask about the desert options though as not too sweet. Stopped off before meeting a friend and it was a great place to get some good food and just hang out for a short bit.

Posted 5th Sep 2014 by NDEBELEFoodie: 14 reviews

I am so happy this palce opened up near my work, tasty, fresh, filling, good value and lovely staff, what more could you want!

Posted 11th Jul 2014 by POCKEYGuru: 42 reviews

Fabulous spot tried for the first time early yesterday evening with the better half. Fantastic falafel, the tabbouleh salad is excellent. The staff are very friendly and helpful and everything is fresh.
Great place for a bite to eat and will absolutely return. Well done to all concerned.
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