Toss'd Noodles & Salads
Chq Building, City Centre North, Dublin


Asian Fusion
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Posted 7th Feb 2016 by BRYAN1977First Timer: 6 reviews

From a service point of view one of my worst experiences. From queuing to place my order and waiting for our food was nearly half hour. Having only 3 people dealing with customers was a complete joke. I asked for a plate,and I was told they had no clean ones!!!, but they may have one in 20 minutes!!. Complete utter joke of a place. Despite poor service, the food wasn't the worst but due to poor service I cold not recommend this place.

Posted 4th Nov 2014 by R XFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Although it's in a sort of a strange location (CHQ) the food here is really excellent. Nice and fresh, loads of flavour, decent portions and the service was really nice too. Ticks all the boxes (taste, price, healthy).

Posted 18th Jun 2013 by OHMARYGuru: 40 reviews

I'm Hooked on their Phad Thai. Very nice

Posted 27th Oct 2011 by SIMERAJFirst Timer: 7 reviews

Oh gosh, love this place.Their daily specials fly out the door, especially the curries, (sold out by 2pm most days!) but they are absolutely delicious. Priced at around the €9 mark, one portion easily feeds two....and are so fresh, piping hot.
Staff are very friendly, and if you are making up a salad (you can get pasta, noodle or leaf-based) they will help with suggestions for dressings and nuts/seeds if you're not sure.
I think we may well be seeing more Toss'd-s around town in the near future!!

Posted 28th Jan 2011 by PIZZAGIRLGuru: 45 reviews

Had lunch here with a colleague. Lucky we went early as, boy, does this place get busy (=which I took to mean they do great food!)! I ordered chicken massaman curry and my colleague ordered the crayfish coconut noodles. The food is cooked fresh so we expected it to take a while but it took a half hour which I think in a busy lunch place is too long. On your receipt is the number of your order that the waitress calls out (or in our case whispers gently) once the food is ready, to locate the recipient. The only waitress we saw was run off her feet poor thing. But the food when it came was absolutely delicious. My friend found her noodles a bit soggy (I tried them and concur, but otherwise yummy) I reckon this was due to the type of noodle. Recommend for the lovely food but at a quieter time than lunch.

Posted 9th Sep 2010 by OHMARYGuru: 40 reviews

Just got a Phad Thai and its was gorgeous! Only problem was, i like to know i got a descent amount of protein in every meal. Even though it was quite a healthy filling meal, i would have liked to have got more than 4 small pieces of chicken and more than 3 small cubes of tofu. All in all, very nice. Just let me know when there is more chicken and tofu going in to the phad thai and i will be around more othen.

Posted 27th Aug 2010 by CHEWBACA11Newbie: 10 reviews

Great healthy lunch, I got a thai crab salad today, it was 10/10. Toss'd is a bit pricey so can't go every week unfortuantely. I think they should reduce the salad size and drop the price for take aways. The place was so full today you couldn't get a seat! Doing a roaring trade in the chq centre, the line was out the door. Get in before 12:30 to beat the crowds!

Posted 11th Mar 2010 by BOMBOMGuru: 26 reviews

I love Toss'd .The food is so good and always freshly cooked. I have had the noodles and Pasta before and they were really nice. The portion is huge, it would keep you full for hours. More of a lunch place or maybe a dinner takeout. Worth a try! Its handy to ring and preorder also to save waiting.

Posted 3rd Feb 2010 by SUNNY123Newbie: 5 reviews

Great food. I dont think you can do parties here.. mostly catered for business/work crowd in IFSC (it is not a restaurant!)

Food is fantastic. One of the best Chinese I had in Ireland. Their curries are mouth watering. I have become such a huge fan of Toss'd that I dont mind paying hefty parking charges at Jury's.

A must visit if are a food lover. Dont miss it.

Posted 20th Nov 2009 by SKELLY58Guru: 25 reviews

I love this place! I've been here a few lunchtimes and i think it's great value for money - the food is all fresh and delicious (i had the massaman curry today - beautiful) and there is so much! I would actually usually share a portion with a friend so that it's actually really cheap! I know €10 for lunch can seem expensive but it's not for the amount of food you get - it's like a dinner! I'm writing this at half 4 and i'm still full from lunch!
Gold star!
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