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The Unicorn Restaurant is located in the heart of Dublin 2, just off Baggot Street and beside Stephens Green, and it is a historic landmark dating from 1938. The Unicorn is proud to be one of Dublin’s oldest Italian restaurants, making it somewhat of an iconic restaurant in the city. The award-winning menu is a fusion of traditional and modern Italian cuisine at its finest, and the friendly atmosphere and excellent service make it an ideal choice for any occasion. The Unicorn are dedicated to providing a top quality Italian experience with a contemporary Irish twist.
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Posted 4th Apr 2017 by SELBEEPFirst Timer: 21 reviews

Beautiful meal, great service and very friendly staff.

Posted 25th Jan 2016 by OGORMANCARPENTRYFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Lovely place, great food and a really enjoyable night out. One to remember and recommend, we will definitely be returning here again!

Posted 25th Jan 2016 by SHELIZMNewbie: 6 reviews

It's a while since I've been here and I wasn't disappointed. The food was really good. I had the Insalata for starter which was Parma Ham, Gorgonzola, Pear Crostini which I thought was a dish with bread but it was just salad no bread. It was really tasty with great flavours. I had fillet steak as my main and this was cooked to perfection. The wine menu is extensive and the service was excellent. It's not cheap and for us it's a special occasion place but it was packed and noisy with a good atmosphere. I think there are too many tables so it doesn't lend itself to a romantic night out but I'd highly recommend it for the food.

Posted 7th Dec 2015 by LOLPOLFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Went in Sunday evening for a quick bite at 6.00 with a friend having been a few times to great success over the last few months. Plan was some nice quick pasta then a movie. They gave us a Christmas menu for 55euro each so I asked for the early bird which we had had before. We are then told there Is no early bird cause it's Christmas, seriously..Sunday evening at 6.00 and the place was almost empty. Anyway we got them to make us the pasta dishes that are normally in the early bird and with a glass of wine each and a coffee it was 40 each. Not good value at all no matter how good your pasta is. They should realise why they are popular and not try to stick it to loyal customers now that the recession is over. Won't be popping in for a quick bite again it's just too expensive.

Posted 27th Oct 2015 by FLOMENUFirst Timer: 19 reviews

group of 6 for the pre theatre menu. Food was excellent and service very good too. Had to ask for the pre theatre menu, it wasn't offered. Will go back again.

Posted 26th Oct 2015 by PICKYConnoisseur: 20 reviews

Fab evening last Saturday with 5 others. Table was a little small for six people but other than that everything was perfect. Scallops, prawns and antipasto sharing plates for starters were delicious. My hake for main course was so good. We haven't eaten here for a while but will definitely be back again soon. Would highly recommend this restaurant, it is as good as ever even with change of management.

Posted 31st Aug 2015 by CONLAMALFA9754812First Timer: 1 reviews

Ireland a country of big spenders, in the eyes of the vendor, that is.
They call it market economy , of which Ireland is amongst the leaders in the Western world.
I would call it something else. I would call it a country that never learns from the past. Here, it’s enough to get a whiff of economic recovery that everybody, well almost everybody, who has something to sell jumps on the bandwagon and prices of things spin without control.
We are seeing this with house prices and more significantly in the exorbitant level of rents that are now even higher than those in pre-2008 good days, as it were.
It’s the market economy and the law of supply and demand that pushes prices up, so they say. Of course few are prepared to consider another factor that in Ireland seems to be quite comfortably at home, called “greed”.
And this malaise pervades all sectors of trade including restaurants. In terms of restaurants, take the renowned Unicorn for example, recently taken over by la Fiorentina group, after a rollercoaster of undisputed popularity for decades as “the” place to be seen (quality of food did not matter), and lately precarious and pernicious financial debt.
When la Fiorentina took over this restaurant only early this year, it offered tasty bites for reasonable prices with an a-la-carte menu not exorbitantly expensive. In the space of only a few month, management thought of hiking prices in the a-la-carte menu where, a dish of turbot is prices at €33.
I was with a friend for a business lunch I did chose pesce spada. Well I was presented with a mountainous “small” lump of fish (roasted or grilled) seasoned with a proper black olive based sauce. Normally sword fish is cooked and served in thick slices and the sauce is allowed to season and give its taste the fish, not as two unrelated entities. This dish came with €27 price tag. Wow! Customers like me will now think twice before booking seats in your restaurant for a social or business lunch!

Posted 8th Jul 2015 by GOLDENPETERFirst Timer: 28 reviews

Our meal at the Unicorn restaurant was unfortunately one of the most disappointing dining experiences we have had in Dublin.

The problem started when we arrived at 6pm. We were given the main menu but I had to ask for the Early Bird menu - I would have thought I would have been given the early bird automatically. It took a while to order but when our waiter eventually arrived, he told us that half the early bird menu was off! I wanted fish so I asked for branzino (sea bass) - it was definitely off, so my waiter told me. The same story with the gnocchi and the Vitello. I asked could I have a different fish instead of the sea bass the unhelpful waiter again told me no, same story with the vitello. Instead I ordered the calamari and the pappardelle, while my wife went for the prosciutto and linguine.

It took an age for the starters to arrive but when they did they were very small portions. But things got worse with the main courses which took nearly 40 minutes (!) to arrive (at this stage we were worried as we had to leave around 7.30). My pappardelle were edible but my wife's linguine were completely dry and tasteless.

When leaving I asked the manager Graziano why the service had been so poor and he said there was a problem in the kitchen,but he didn't elaborate further. I reluctantly parted with 69 euro which I thought was very poor value for what we got.

It was so disappointing as the Unicorn used to be one of Dublin's greatest Italian restaurants. The only trace of the old (and great) Unicorn I was the presence of Frank the old doorman who I saw wandering around shortly before we left. We might come back to the Unicorn but we would have to be sure of getting the wonderful experience like the old Unicorn restaurant offered.

Posted 2nd Jul 2015 by AUDIE00Guru: 87 reviews

Visited on a busy/sunny Friday afternoon. Lunch menu available all afternoon. Great value for two courses. Service was extremely slow but it wasn't a problem as we weren't in a rush. Calamari was delicious. Gnocchi beautiful although very filling. Kid goat ragu tasty. Too full for desert. Great place to sit outside when the sun is shining.

Posted 22nd May 2015 by MH20First Timer: 31 reviews

We were aparty of four, service first class, good recommendations from a very friendly and engaging waitress for food choice and wines. Food presentation spot on , attractive and inviting. The combination of flavours and textures in all dishes , except one, was very well balanced: the Calamari was outstanding, best I have had and the sea bass was also excellent wonderful balance of crispy skin and tender juicy flesh. Surprisingly only dissapointing dish was a pasta dish, linguini carbonara which tasted really good but was rather stodgy and was not one dishes recommended by the waitress. Sorbets oozed fresh fruit flavours, apple was particularly nice, and were a nice light refreshing finish to an excellent meal. really fresh and
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