The Silk Road Cafe
The Chester Beatty Library, City Centre South, Dublin


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The Silk Road Café is situated in the Chester Beatty Library in the centre of Dublin city, just off Dame Street and beside the historic landmark, Dublin Castle, in the heart of Dublin 2. The Chester Beatty Library is one of Dublin's and indeed Europe's top tourist attractions, and the Silk Road Cafe is beside this magnificent cultural and literary gem. This cafe contains some of the finest views of Dublin Castle and the city itself, making it a popular choice among visitors and locals. Silk Road Cafe has been serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine since it opened its doors in 2000, and it is now a favourite spot in the city. The cuisine is excellent and affordable, and the friendly staff are matched by a casual dining atmosphere that will enhance your dining experience.
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Posted 19th Aug 2017 by LIZRISPIN61003806First Timer: 1 reviews

nHappened to come across The Silk Road Cafe whilst visiting the Chester Beatty Museum. What a real gem of authentic food and fine wine. A great lunchtime experience that ran into the afternoon. So if you appreciate good food, a warm welcome and fine wine you should check this little haven out and it is within the heart of the city.

Posted 1st Feb 2015 by GURU22First Timer: 23 reviews

Amazing!! Amazing!!!

Posted 15th Dec 2014 by MOIRADEFALCOFirst Timer: 27 reviews

amazing. we reserved a table for 6 adults, 3 kids..table was all set, in a nice and quite spot as kindly requested. food is too day for- price very good- service brilliant.
highly recommended

Posted 14th May 2014 by BANNONE2Foodie: 4 reviews

I visited this cafe with a friend of mine who had a baby in a buggy. We heard it was a baby friendly location for lunch so we gave it a go. The place is really lovely inside and well spaced out so no one is on top of each other. There were only two buggies in total in the place so not that well known by the mums of Dublin obviously but it was excellent. The doors into the venue are wheelchair and buggy friendly. The food is very tasty and fresh and the staff are lovely. Had a lovely stroll around the garden after to walk it all off! Will definitely be going back here again.

Posted 2nd Oct 2013 by GROGGY87First Timer: 1 reviews

Went with my mum and we both got the open falafel sambo. Two large falafel and your choice of four salads, making it a good feed and great value! The red cabbage salad is amazing! Location is lovely, hidden gem.

Posted 9th Jan 2013 by MARCO80First Timer: 1 reviews

Went here with the family for lunch between Christmas and New Year. Food was absolutely lovely: tasty, fresh and best of all was the huge portions. Our 2 children both had child's portions of the adult food which is a great idea and at €4.95 it's a very healthy and cheap alternative to all those fast food joints around town.

Posted 14th Nov 2012 by CELETTAFirst Timer: 3 reviews

Was there for lunch on a Saturday with some friends. All six of us had to stand for more than twenty minutes after being told by one of the waiters (only because we asked him not because he approached us) that the tables couldn't be moved to accommodate all of us... in spite of that we waited a big longer until one of the big tables was freed up and order our meals at the counter, horrid experience... feels you are at a school or hospital cafeteria. Food was luke warm, one of my friends ordered a panini and it took him half an hour to actually get it. I ordered chicken curry which just tasted wrong, my side of vegetables was extremely over cooked. I couldn't finish my lunch (and neither did three of my five friends) but thought a nice cup of tea and some of the Lebanese sweets would cheer up the experience. I was wrong. And not only because the sweet pastries were awful but because we hardly had any room on the table/ Oh yes, the waiter didn't bother taking our plates away. The only pro: it's at the Chester Beatty Library, such an amazing place to go after a terrible lunch!

Posted 1st Nov 2012 by GILLIAN MFirst Timer: 5 reviews

My daughter in law invited me out for lunch (as a treat) to the cafe in the Chester Beatty Museum (now in Dublin Castle and not in Shrewsbury Road as I thought). Sarah is a coeliac and still finds it hard to find places to eat but not here as most of the food is coeliac friendly. The lovely gentleman behind the counter guided us through the delicious dishes and between us we had a Mousakka and a chicken dish with red onion (and some Middle Eastern spice I have never heard about before) with tons of rice and salads. The food was delicious but there was just too much of it on the plate, so we did not finish it all. As we were quite full we decided to have 2 Cappuccinos and one coeliac friendly piece of orange cake between us. The cake was moist and if I had been able, I would have had more. To sum it up fantastic food, great coeliac selection, good value for massive portions, helpful staff and what a beautiful Museum; I will be back for more (and especially for that cake).

Posted 17th Jul 2012 by ANNA234Foodie: 6 reviews

I visit regularly as the Chester Beatty Library is my favourite museum in Dublin and I pop in to see their temporary exhibitions or listen to the lectures. The food is authentic and looks amazing - it is colourful, prepared freshly on the premises, using exotic ingredients and interesting spices. I do enjoy it but I have to say that it is very disappointing to see that it is not prepared freshly but rather stuck into the microwave as you order it from the counter. The selection of food for vegetarians is rather small - there is an option or two every time you're in- but as I visit regularly the options repeat themselves a bit too much. However you can always take salads plate or a soup (always vegetarian). I find the prices for lunch to be too expensive - there's hardly anything for under €10.00... that's a bit much for lunch, isn't it? And this doesn't include a drink... I have recently noticed that a can of pop is €1.75 a a tiny bread roll is €1.10... The cutlery and glasses are often not very clean and staff have better or (often) worse day. All in all, I enjoy it, but mostly because the Silk Road is in the Chester Beatty Library.

Posted 4th Jun 2011 by KEARAMURPHYFoodie: 12 reviews

Today myself my partner and our two year old visited the Silk Road, I had the falafel sandwich, with the best falafel I have ever tasted... I love my chickpeas, my partner had the lamb Kofta Panini... which was huge, and lovely, our little guy had the chicken and chips, a lovely marinated chicken breast and home cooked (like mammy murphy used to make) chips. It was a wonderful lunch, and we agreed it was a place we would venture into town again for... which says a lot. service was lovely and friendly, it was fantastic value, and the food made us feel like we were somewhere far more interesting than Dublin!
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