The Porterhouse (Central)
45-47 Nassau Street, City Centre South, Dublin


Gastro Pub
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Breakfast now being served in the Porterhouse Central 10.30 - 12.00 Monday - Friday & 10.30 - 15.00 Saturday & all day breakfast on Sunday. Prices are €9.95 for the full Frying pan including coffee & €6.00for the Frying Saucer. Opposite Trinity College at bottom of Grafton Street you will find the Porterhouse Central.
Entrance is on Grafton street (near the bus stop shop) or on Nassau street.
Porterhouse Central is a lively pub with a welcoming atmosphere. We offer great pub dining with an extensive range of imported bottle beers, wines and cocktails and of course nine our own micro brewed draught beers including Stouts, Ales & Lagers.

With food served daily from noon till 9.30, Central can cater for large groups of up to 25 people, with finger food options available for larger groups and the more drink orientated parties. If your group is less than six you need not book as we’ll accommodate you when you arrive. The latest we can accept bookings over the weekend is 7.30pm.
We offer a late bar Wednesday’s to Sunday’s with live music on a Monday night, quiz on Tuesday & a dj Wednesday through Sunday.
We’re equipped with numerous plasma TV’s & a big screen for all major sporting events.
We also have a secluded seated area outside the rear of the pub looking onto Grafton Street.
Young & Old Porterhouse Central Caters for all tastes…
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Posted 5th Sep 2014 by KIMMCDONALD22Foodie: 19 reviews

I used to eat here quite a lot but the prices increased and the portion sizes decreased. I tried it again recently and was pleasantly surprised. It is very hit or miss here and this time it was a miss. I ordered the bacon & cabbage (my usual). The bacon was burnt around the edges and they covered it up with sauce. On the plus side they don't charge for minerals. Services is always good & efficient.

Posted 9th Apr 2014 by MILLY3333Newbie: 16 reviews

At first sights you think this is just another overpacked pub/restaurant in Dublin but once you get in and are seated the atmosphere overwhelms you. Lovely staff, great value for money if you like seafood cheap and cheerfull it is a gem. Would highly recommend cannot wait to go back for more

Posted 28th Feb 2014 by GILYBFirst Timer: 2 reviews

great bar with a nice atmosphere , but most definetly do not go for the food , Chips and fish were frozen and the wings were re fried , Very disappointing

Posted 3rd Feb 2014 by CIARAMCDONA21239939First Timer: 19 reviews

The food is grand, nothing to praise as I'm pretty sure it's all frozen food just cooked (the platters, anyway). They have a great range of beers and a good view on all floors (if you're not stuck in one of the many dark corners!) .

Nice place to go for a quiet drink during the day

Posted 11th Apr 2013 by SPOCKFirst Timer: 5 reviews

Dont go here for the food, its ok, but the main reason to go here is to have a drink. The porterhouse brews are very good, there are plenty to choose from so its easy to find one you like.

When it gets busy the service can slip so be warned.

Posted 3rd Nov 2012 by CLEAVERSFirst Timer: 4 reviews

I've been here a lot in the last few years and I keep coming back. Great location and friendly staff. I don't care much for the in-house brews so I always order a pint of Erdinger. Best not to have too many of those.

The food always comes quick from the kitchen. The burgers don't look that great to be honest and the steak sandwich is a little disapponting but the wings far outweigh the discrepancies of the other menu items. Get them Salt & Chilli style with hot sauce on the side. Best wings i've had in town. (Just don't expect a big chilli kick)

Posted 16th Jul 2012 by CHOUPETTEConnoisseur: 12 reviews

This place has a nice pub atmosphere and I've dropped by here for a drink few times. I ordered the scampi and chips for a snack and was actually quite filling although kind of standard. They serve a very extensive range of beers and cider and all priced very reasonably. Their cocktails are quite steep though the ice cream based ones are delicious. The atmosphere is very friendly, less of a family place and more of a professional / student crowd. Will definitely continue to come back here.

Posted 25th Jan 2012 by LOLLYMCDGuru: 54 reviews

I've always been fond of The Porterhouse, it used to stand out as a beacon among main stream before anyone knew what "micro brewery" meant.

Our recent trip though was a bit of a disappointment, we ordered a number of things to share, chicken wings (hot/spicy), onion rings, chips and scampi. Aside from the chicken wings, which were tasty but most definitely not spicy as suggested on the menu, everything else was bland and to my mind tasted exactly the same. The servings are generous and while I felt full after my meal I also had a strange unfulfilled feeling.

We tried some of The Porterhouses own larger brews to accompany the meal, all of which were more satisfying than the food. I seem to remember the Porterhouse having a range of other Irish beers aside from their own brews, but I could be mistaken. Perhaps as the whole micro brewery idea has been catching on The Porterhouse have been circling the wagons and protecting their own? Not a bad idea so long as they improve the food!

Posted 17th Jan 2012 by MULDOWJ2First Timer: 4 reviews

Love this place, perfect for cocktails and and beers with great food. Brilliant value for money. Though I am a little frustrated coz they took my favorite item (Goat Chz Salad) off the menu :( The pizza's are huge and the wings are awesome. Location couldnt get more central either!

Posted 26th Dec 2011 by SEATEDNewbie: 6 reviews

Very good value for money.

They changed the menu since the last time I was there and it seems to have been for the better.

I ordered the 3 mini burgers, which was a little dry and it could have used some kind of sauce to make it better.

Chips was great.

My Girl Friend had a ceasar salad which was massive and looked and tasted great.

Anyways it was a very cheap dinner and I believe I might have been unlucky with the burgers, so very nice.

Atmosphere was good and service was a little slow with getting the first contact with us, and showing us a table but. Minor detail... It is a pub = find your own seat, I guess...
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