The Halal Sultan Restaurant
73 South Great Georges Street, City Centre South, Dublin


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Posted 11th Sep 2011 by SANJAYGuru: 35 reviews

Excellent location - and really good value for money, in an area dominated by pricier options.

A basic, clean restaurant, with simple table and chairs for sitdown customers. But more of a take-away place.

Food was basic, well-prepared, and tasty. Nothing to rave about, but if you're looking for a quick meal late at night in this part of the city... this one ticks the boxes.

Posted 23rd Aug 2010 by TBABYConnoisseur: 17 reviews

Cheap and cheerful and great for a feed on your way home after the pub, and it is open very late... i think it was about 5am when we were in there on Saturday.
We had kebabs and taco fries with cheese which was pretty tasty and great value.

Posted 14th Jan 2010 by SIMWALSHGuru: 19 reviews

THE best Kebab shop in Dublin at the moment. The Clay oven makes the pitta soft, delicious and non-rubbery. The filling is fresh, the sauce is probably the best thing about Sultan. Not much choice, what they do they do well, great stop on the way home after a few pints.
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