The Gingerman
40 Fenian Street, City Centre South, Dublin


Gastro Pub
Based on 12 reviews

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This is a nice pub a little off the beaten trail. They do a roaring trade at lunchtime however, due to an abundance of local offices.
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Posted 10th Aug 2017 by KITTYN7632408727First Timer: 25 reviews

Great place if your going with a group for drinks & pub grub nibbles. The platters they serve are generous & the staff are very friendly & helpful. Money well spent, we will go again :)

Posted 17th Jun 2011 by NOODLELOVERGuru: 42 reviews

Standard pub grub but really nice atmosphere. They will make up a sandwich that is not on the menu if you request it. Nice chips and good service. The tea is served in quirky mugs which is a nice homely touch!

Posted 7th Jul 2010 by CARBERRYGuru: 48 reviews

Agree with the previous reviewer - the food for the lunch special is very average for €4.95 it is cheap and decent enough. Great pub for pints after work. Staff are very friendly and make it feel like its your local even if your from out of town.

Posted 11th Feb 2010 by SHEDGuru: 34 reviews

Decent place for a cheap lunch. Food only ok but you get what you pay for I suppose...not many pubs in the city that do a chicken burger & chips for € for that reason...i'll be back!

Posted 23rd Nov 2009 by SMCENEANEYNewbie: 9 reviews

The food in the gingerman is truly shocking. I don't know what the other reviewers are used to but it reminds me of what I used to eat at weekends in college when I had no money after being out on a Thursday night. The toasted sandwich came out hard and burnt. The ploughmans sandwich on two other occasions was on stale brown bread. The (frozen) chips they serve are tasteless. The club sandwich again is on stale bread with no butter on it. I've been there for lunch on four or five ocassions. Why may you ask? Because the location is half way between my work place and friends. If you're not fussy and would be happy eating a cardboard box for your lunch then this is for you. Else, avoid!

Posted 7th Jul 2009 by LYONSOGuru: 23 reviews

Excellent value place for beer, maybe a little expensive for the food but its quite tasty as long as you stick to the burgers or platters. Great atmosphere in this place, especially on a friday when its packed. Opens late, and if you get the booth at the back you can have a great session. All in all a great pub, with good pub grub.

Posted 8th Apr 2009 by CHIRSSIEPRINCESSConnoisseur: 18 reviews

Went here lastnight for a bite to eat with a friend. No menus on the tables so we asked for some at the bar. Nobody appeared to take any orders, so again we ordered at the bar. Selection on the menu was fairly poor considering what most pubs offer these days. Lounge girl came around handing out menus after we needed them. The food took a long time to arrive to the point that we were almost going to again squeeze our way to the bar to enquire about our order. When it did arrive mine was a large pyramid of lumpy mashed potatoes with four sausages swimming in a sea of gravy. Mash was off putting and not very warm. Sausages were fine and a good size, however they were billed as 'spicy' on the menu... this they certainly were not. Gravy was supposed to be onion based, but really didn't taste like it was, more like Bisto based. Friends burger and chips were fine, nothing amazing however. Both our dishes were in the category of 'specialities' on the menu!!! Dread to think what other dishes must be like if that's the case. Again, back to the bar to pay the bill. Not impressive and I don't think I'd waste my money eating here again, there is much better value and food to be had around the city.

Posted 14th Mar 2009 by PLAKEConnoisseur: 14 reviews

I'd frequently been told of the lovely lasagna and chips and finally experienced them myself. They're good, quite good, very tasty, yummy - and for a reasonable price too. It's not the best place in the neighbourhood for food but it's not bad either.

Posted 17th Jul 2008 by MICROCOSMGuru: 32 reviews

Had a platter of sides between a friend and myself. Only cost about a tenner and they gave us loads. It even included prawns! I am definitely going back. Staff are really friendly. Place is kind of small though, when it gets busy.

Posted 23rd May 2008 by MRBEANZFoodie: 8 reviews

A good spot for a quick bite of lunch, decent service and good value. The menu won't light up your day so if your looking for excitement try somewhere else. Will be back
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