The Garden Terrace
Terminal 1, Dublin Airport, Swords, Dublin


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A unique dining experience at The Loop. Full Bar, Café and Grill with table service menu by award winning chef Simon Mooney. Outdoor Terrace Specialities include: Breakfast Grill, Prawn & Chorizo Salad, C.R. Tormey’s Hand Picked Hereford Beef Chargrilled Burgers & Steaks, Manhattan Smoked Fish & Seafood chowder, Cape Malay Curry, Fajitas, Tempura Cod with Tartare Sauce & Pea Puree…and not forgetting death by chocolate dessert.
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Posted 27th Sep 2013 by DAIBHI001Guru: 67 reviews

Not a good experience to report from this restaurant. The floor was filthy and it was first thing in the morning. Dread to think what it would look like by lunch time. Breakfast was very dear and not even nice. Wouldn’t dream of stepping inside this place again. Can’t say any more – am just stuck for words to describe how bad it is.

Posted 27th Sep 2013 by ANGELGOURMETGuru: 105 reviews

Have never ever given an establishment a zero star rating - well there's always a first time, and this is it! This is an absolutely dreadful place to eat. Early morning staff totally disinterested in their jobs, one even yawned right into my face as she stood behind the counter. Floor behind the counter was filthy with coffee grinds piled up on it. They were walked into the floor and nobody bothered to sweep them up or clean the place generally. Food is very expensive here and you are charged separately for every single item. Things generally in disarray – cutlery in one place, butter in another. Does one not use a knife (i.e. cutlery) with which to apply butter?? Food is barely average. This place is a disgrace and we would not visit it again, nor would we recommend it to anybody. It’s an embarrassment to think that this might be the last place visitors would have a breakfast or any meal before leaving Ireland. Not a good memory I’m afraid.

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