Camden Exchange
73 Camden Street, Camden Street, Dublin


Casual Dining
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Serving up the best street food in Dublin, along with truly unique cocktails and craft beers from lands far away. What are you waiting for?
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Posted 30th Dec 2018 by LISALOUGuru: 67 reviews

5 of us had our Christmas late lunch/early dinner at 3.30 here.. The staff were lovely and between us we had, chicken wings, flat bread, burger, fish and the chickpea cakes. We all enjoyed our food and it was great value. We will definitely be back

Posted 13th Aug 2017 by JANIELCATGuru: 104 reviews

The decor is so good, as is the bathroom.The waitress was very good. We had wings and hummus to start both were very good. I preferred the hummus and pitta bread my husband preferred the tapenade and melba toast. For mains we had the Brisket Bowl and the Fish Tacos which were both really good.The fries were very nice but as we aren't huge salt fans they were a little too salty, but that's OK. The food is reasonably priced. I can't wait to go back .

Posted 26th Oct 2015 by JIMMYCHOOFirst Timer: 4 reviews

Good pub food & reasonably priced, great atmosphere and the vodka marshmallow cocktail was delicious

Posted 2nd Sep 2015 by FOODDRNKFirst Timer: 2 reviews

Ate Here with three friends, the atmosphere was great for a Sunday night and the cocktails were delicious. My cocktail was along the lines of an almond whiskey sour-delicious!nnThe starters are perfect for sharing. Cheese croquettes, houmous and flatbread, empanadillas filled with steak and cheese and then a delicious sausage roll accompanied by an apple jam. nFor the mains you choose between cow, chicken, lamb, fish and vegetarian. On the night there was no chicken which was unfortunate but with many other meats to choose from we all ended up going for the cow. nJuicy brisket topped with crispy onion rings with slaw and salad made a delicious street food style dish-which is understandable as all the food is made in this cool quirky metal truck in the middle of the restaurant. It looks like something you would see in the burning man festival. nnPricing was reasonable and the server was really good fun. I'll have to go back again to try out more of their drinks.

Posted 20th Jul 2015 by EATING.QUEENFirst Timer: 7 reviews

I was here for a friend's birthday one rainy Saturday night. I was surprised at his choice in venue as I got a distinct hipster vibe from the website. Like Dublin needs ANOTHER mock Victorian/Americana themed watering hole. Nonetheless, I am game for a challenge.
The appearance of the bar/cafe did not disappoint, for it gave the appearance of a converted warehouse/NYC kitchen (it was formerly a bank). I don't think I have seen so many good-looking and well-dressed people in one space. Now, we're a nicely turned out crowd, but we were easily the ugliest people in the room! Door policy? Possibly not, but there's definitely a conspiracy somewhere.
The food was extremely tasty and offered great value for money at a tenner for "Pig", "Cow" or "Chicken" among others and a couple of euro more if you want chips. What you are effectively paying for is a fancy toasted cheese and meat sandwich, but it's a bloody delicious one at that. I ordered the pig and the nicely browned bread was pierced by a straw of crackling. Excellent touch!The most scrumptious toastie I've had in a very long time. The fries were perfect.
The sunny blonde waitress with hair half down, half messy plait (not sure what was going on there, but it worked) could not have done enough for us. When I wasn't sure what craft beer I wanted, she brought me a little sample at the end of the glass. It's the little details that make an evening. I made sure to leave a decent tip, for she really deserved it.
At the end of the day, this place is not necessarily about the food, more the "scene" and the people who want to be "scene" - see what I did there? But it's no harm. I had a full belly and a good pint and that was enough for me. I highly recommend the place for something different.

Posted 20th May 2015 by NOMFirst Timer: 3 reviews

Visited Camden Exchange this evening for food with two friends. Despite my friend reserving a table, we were seated at a very small table, so small the waiter didn't know where to put my chips that I had ordered as a side. My friends plates were cleared away and we were asked for more drinks/desserts while I was still half way through my dinner. We were promptly given the bill and just after paying the waiter he told other people at the bar we were leaving. We actually intended staying a few more minutes to finish our conversation, but the other group were already making their way over to our table. Food was tasty but atmosphere not so good. A pity as I had a great night here a few months ago for drinks. Better pub than restaurant.
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