The Brock Inn
Ashbourne Road, The Ward, Dublin


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Posted 22nd Nov 2017 by LINKSYFirst Timer: 2 reviews


MENU FAILS if you like satisfying crispy creamy cheesy dishes like Macaroni Cheese or Salmon Encroute, Veg Lasagnes or Leek & Goats Cheese Encroutes etc. I have tried their Encroute Pies but the pastry was very thin and I would consider them to be just more like unsatisfying parcels rather than crunchy crispy puff pastry. Rice accompanying curry was not usual rice and was less enjoyable than the normal according to another.

Advice to Management - €7 Desserts could be €4.50 & would sell better, although Pavlova beautiful the other desserts are generally dry, small & lacking flavour.

Surroundings comfortable & not too noisy. Can be nice or disappointing as standards vary but are usually good. Prices are Inflated on many items so easy to overspend.

Re-visit Menu as lots of people love fish but are not seafood eaters, and mains do not cater Vegetarians too well. Pasta in mushroom sauce, or alternatively with sundried tomato or whatever is dull dull dull. The Veg Pie was NOT as good as either shop bought, nor my own Cauliflower Cheese or Linda McCartney Leek Encroutes or similar. There are lots of Fish-Eating Vegetarians as well as people who eat meat but love cheesy carbohydrate dishes too.

The menu is large but there are overlaps of similar dishes. The mains are much better than the desserts or starters enjoyment-wise but also value & portion-wise generally. The staff are mostly friendly but it can get busy & people may disappear or not look at customers so unless they come near enough it can be irritating. They usually ask once but not always if it's all good etc. I have found that they can forget to bring the sauce accompanying the mains if busy or if sauce not ready yet they may arrive with the dinner! You can end up being forgotten, and can be mean with sauce, even if you ask for more. The banoffee and pavlova desserts are best, the others are not nice and are very very very (really very!) mean portions costing €7 with cream sparingly applied as if served up by the leader of a dieter's group. Serviettes are the same problem with one being given often for 2 - 3 courses or if you are lucky maybe another one but with some of the food already on it upon arrival. The serviettes are small and thin so one per course would make things easier.

Paninis could be offered with Roasted Veg Onion, Seasoning & Goat's Cheese. I have been advised someone likes a Meat with Red Onion Marmalade & Cheese Panini.

Posted 17th Dec 2016 by TESSDOYLE1261753758First Timer: 1 reviews

Family gathering. Ages 62 to 7. We all love the food in the Brock. We always end up there after communions, confirmations and just a catch up. Going today. We all love the menu. Something for everyone. Friendly service. Food tastey and hot. Hate the queuing but always worth the wait. Looking forward to nice food and good company again.

Posted 12th Apr 2016 by VYCUMMINS44877547First Timer: 2 reviews


Posted 19th Dec 2014 by SANDRAMLAWLOR3936649First Timer: 1 reviews

Had starters of over cooked not crispy chicken wings, Waited a half hour for the main meal and when it finally arrived it was cold from the meat to the veg so not very enjoyable which took away from the good work of the chef as this would of been a very nice meal had it been warm, The place was not busy so think staff forgot we ordered a main meal, toddlers that was with us had all finished eating again our main meal arrived, it was only when we were asked if we ordered a meal was it brought out. Although staff were friendly and polite this is not a place I will visit again, When I pay for hot food I expect just that and its not like its a cheap place to eat in

Posted 16th Dec 2014 by PAULINE.BERMINGHAM72907829First Timer: 9 reviews

Party of four. We all had the steak - 12oz - and each one was cooked just as requested. Although it wasn't on the menu, they obliged me with an 8oz steak and was I glad when I saw the size of the steak on the other plates! Everything was perfect - food, service and value for money. I would definitely recommend it.

Posted 31st Mar 2014 by JENKEARNEY2First Timer: 2 reviews

I love this place the food is amazing and plentiful and the staff are great .The most stunning deserts ever love it :)

Posted 22nd Feb 2014 by LAFFERTYRONANFirst Timer: 1 reviews

well deserved of a 5 rating. From the moment we arrived 7 of us (3 kids) the staff were unbelievable, helpful, friendly, courteous and engaged in conversation. The food was fantastic and the desserts were out of this world, they were huge !!! And well worth going to just for that alone. And lastly the price was extremely reasonable!! Well done the Brock Inn

Posted 25th Nov 2013 by DOWNEYELFirst Timer: 1 reviews

superb food & service, good value.

Posted 18th Jul 2013 by DIARMUID.BYRNEFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Very enjoyable night food excellent and staff great.

Posted 10th Apr 2013 by SYDNEYFirst Timer: 4 reviews

Service was very attentive but very slow- we were asked several times were we being looked after,did we want something to drink etc. but the food was a long time coming.
€9.25 for a bowl of soup and a toasted sandwich-ridiculous-I won't be back.
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