22 Bar & Restaurant (Castleknock Hotel)
Castleknock Hotel Porterstown Road, Castleknock, Dublin


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Our dishes at the casual 22 Bar & Restaurant are influenced by the cuisine of southern Italy and Sicily, but with our own Castleknock twist. The style of cooking is quite simple, trattoria style with emphasis on the ingredients and their flavour having prominence on the plate. Relaxing and sharing are part and parcel of the enjoyment of food, and that’s how we want you to enjoy our offering, Bon Appetito
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Posted 20th Nov 2015 by FORDEEFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Last night we went to celebrate a 50th Birthday - this was a relatively small gathering only 16 people.
When we arrived there were only 2 other people in the restaurant who finished their meals shortly after we arrived.

The food was slow to come out, by the time it did arrive most if the meals were warm to cold, any individual requests like rare/medium were ignored completely, additionals like chips arrived after main courses were finished, no potatoes only vegetables were served (4 small soup bowls to feed 16 people!!!)

The remaining last 4 people were served when the others had finished their meals - this was the first time ever had to come home and eat after paying 40 euros for a meal!

The service was a disgrace - the manager informed us that we would only have to pay for the food bill and not the drinks but recanted saying he was supplying us with 2 complimentary bottles of wine (1/2 the table do not even drink wine!).

We will not be returning!

Posted 12th Nov 2015 by RMULRANEYFirst Timer: 5 reviews

thought the service was quite slow between courses.

Posted 6th Apr 2015 by GIRLMEATSGINFirst Timer: 6 reviews

I was here today with my parents, the food was lovely and so were some of the staff.
We opted for the 3 course set menu and we were really pleased with each of the courses. The price of the food isn't a bargain by any means but it's definitely not too expensive for the quality of the food you receive.
One or two of the staff weren't too friendly but the lady who was mainly looking after our table was really lovely!
We're already planning to return for the next special occasion we have coming up!

Posted 10th Sep 2012 by WAGGGSGuru: 51 reviews

This is a really nice hotel but the food was quite average. I had the supreme of chicken for dinner and it was really tasty .However, my cheesecake for dessert could have had more flavour. Dinnner was somewhat expensive but the accommodation was a great deal. Overall worth trying.

Posted 4th Dec 2011 by EATING ALLGuru: 58 reviews

Great night last saturday as dinner guests here. Lovely early bird menu---friends had starters of mussels which they enjoyed...my wife & I had chicken goujon strips which were v v tasty ! Mains of sole & chicken were cooked to perfection

Posted 5th Oct 2011 by JUSTKABGuru: 23 reviews

One of my favorite restaurants! Great atmosphere (always nice musics played), really tasty food with nice spices. Very friendly staff and good value for quality food :) Highly recommended :)

Posted 12th Apr 2011 by LENNEMCGGuru: 77 reviews

Had a small snack at the bar while having a few drinks. The food was tasty and good value. Was a bit disappointed when what i originally ordered wasn't available but the waiter apologised and gave me a chance to order something different. The bar area was very nicely decorated.

Posted 14th Jun 2010 by FORTUNE COOKIESGuru: 49 reviews

We went for lunch on Sunday. The carvery was being served from 12.30pm. My husband had the roast beef carvery, very hugh portion, cooked just to perfection, soft and tender. It cost 14.95 i suppose just a little overpriced for carvery compared to the pubs in the vicinity but it was worth paying. I had the toasted chicken panini with coleslaw, sercved with salad & crisps. The price was very reasonable at 6 euro. Great value, friendly staff and you can always take a walk on the nice grounds after food. will go back again.

Posted 28th Apr 2010 by VERITYGuru: 23 reviews

It is a bit overpriced. The food is somewhat mixed - most of it ok but definitely not gravies or soups. Dessert is what they do best. The surroundings are modern and quite nice. I'd probably go back there if it suited.

Posted 21st Oct 2009 by VEGGIEGOURMETGuru: 38 reviews

Went to the castleknock hotel for lunch mid week and was very surprised by the lack of choice; they just had a big carvery available basically, which was overpriced and not everyones cup of tea. We had salmon which was nice enough but swimming in butter, and accompanied with the usual cooked to the point of death carvery vegetables. I wouldn't go running back but it was ok.
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