The 105
105 Clonskeagh Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin


Gastro Pub
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From a hot cup of coffee on your way to work, to a lunch with friends or cosy one on one on a saturday night, The 105 is the place to be!
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Posted 4th Mar 2017 by FINN.SUSAN59702061First Timer: 1 reviews

Shockingly bad service. Asked for waffles. Half were dark brown/black and hard the other half golden brown and soft. We said it to our waitress who took them back. The manageress then came over to tell us that's just how the machine makes them. When we asked why they were different we were told we complain too much and shouldn't come . Have been there about 20 times and have only been unhappy on one other occasion. Shocked at the service. I have tried to review on their Web page but they appear to filter their reviews.

Posted 30th Jun 2015 by LOGOHEADFirst Timer: 7 reviews

I visit 105 a lot as my office is close by, Overall the cafe is a little on the small side (especially if you are tall very little leg room at some tables) however the services is quick and efficient and the food is always top quality. Could have more in terms of a menu but other than that it's always a pleasant experience.

Posted 25th Aug 2014 by KOSHAUGHNESSY30969325940First Timer: 1 reviews

We had a table of 12 for lunch , a little baby shower celebration. The food was fantastic and the staff were nice although a little slow but i put that down to the number of people at our table, I'm not sure they were staffed well enough although the booking was made in advance. We would all definitely be back , such a great local restaurant but my only negative was the staff not being accommodating, although we were celebrating a baby shower it was also one of the ladies birthdays also, i asked for a little cake / candle in a dessert, just something to make a fuss of her and i would have been happy to pay but i was told they were too busy. Another one of the ladies at the table requested soya milk in her coffee, this was not available, when leaving she made a point to thank the waiter for the great food and requested that they bring in soya milk as she would then certainly return, if not she would continue to go to her coffee place of choice. Over all a great place for a girly lunch or evening meal, the ambiance is great , I'm looking forward to going back as I'm living locally, i just hope these points are taken into consideration.

Posted 17th Jul 2013 by GEGZERFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Great spot for lunch, the 105 Sandwich is really good. Service is not great, prepare to have to wait a while. We had a table of 8 and we all ordered sandwichs, it took 40 minutes for our lunch to arrive.
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