Saints & Scholars Lounge
35 Abbey Street Lower, City Centre North, Dublin


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Posted 2nd Apr 2012 by HECOBAGuru: 40 reviews

Had lunch here with a friend. It was a revisit. The hotel is a Dublin institution and the bar is busy, bustling and with plenty of atmosphere. Fantastic stain glass window to the rear and amazing plasterwork on ceiling. Ladies, check out the old fashioned powder room in the ladies room upstairs. It has not changed since I was a little girl and worth seeing.
The food is good honest comfort food served from a hot table. As usual with these things the meat is overcooked but caters to the majority taste. However, my lamb was tasty and the portion was generous. The veg and potato selection very good.
Good choice of mains, beef, lamb, turkey and some fish.
At €12.95 expensive enough but I understand they also offer a small lunch for lesser money.

Posted 3rd Nov 2011 by FLIGHT SUPERVISORGuru: 282 reviews

Ate here with a friend. The service was pleasant. It was efficient to start with but towards the end of the meal it slowed and we had to wait to order desert and obtain the bill. Foodwise I had a mushroom starter which was very nice. The mayo accompanying it was very good. For mains I chose a pasta with peppers which was very bland. My friend chose a salmon dish which she also said was bland. We both had a chocolate fudge cake for desert which we both decided wasn't great and it was a bit small in portion size. The presentation of the food overall was very good however. Atmosphere wise the place was buzzing. If the main course and desert had of been better I would have scored higher.

Posted 31st Aug 2010 by LOVESTOEATGuru: 19 reviews

Hadn't eaten here before but stopped in here at the request of my mother who had worked here in her youth. We went to the bar for the evening carvery.

The bar is fairly standard, with a bit of a faded feel and I was surprised it was so busy.

Service wasn't great as there was one waiter who was very busy and we needed to wait a while for him to come and clear our table before we could eat.

On the plus side I couldn't complain about the food. It is standard carvery so I got exactly what I was expecting, though since we both got the Lamb (€11.95) I was surprised that they brought out a fresh leg and divided it between the two of us. The usual sides and gravy came with and it was a huge portion of food I suppose even by carvery standards.

For those who enjoy a carvery meal and want to get one in the evening I would recommend Wynns. The atmosphere might be a bit lacking, but then, it is served in the bar, not in a restaurant.

Posted 16th Apr 2010 by TAZMCGConnoisseur: 15 reviews

Been here for lunch a few times. Nothing special about this place or the food. Good for a quick lunch.

Posted 25th Aug 2009 by CHIRPYLINGuru: 37 reviews

Nice enough place. My sister and I had dinner here, went for the turkey and stuffing, turkey was delicious but portion too big. The vegetable were slightly overcooked but the potatoes were lovely, they had a crispy coating on them which was nice. I have also eaten lunch here a couple of times, sandwiches which were lovely. The staff were okay.

Posted 6th Apr 2009 by JENNY106Guru: 76 reviews

We went for Sunday dinner in the hotel bar with two children. Not a huge selection but the food was good. Even though I asked and paid for an adults portion I must have got a child's portion as I had the same amount as the children but everyone enjoyed it.

Posted 19th Feb 2009 by CLFCGuru: 41 reviews

The Hotel restaurant is very nice. It boasts an award winning chef. The Sea Bass is lovely and the deserts "wow"! The restarunt itself does have the "hotel" feel about it-(surprise surprise) but its worth a visit. They do a good pre- theatre menu so its good to go to if you are looking for an early meal (evening time 6ish)

Posted 20th Jan 2009 by BLILYGuru: 28 reviews

Lovely place with a nice relaxed atmosphere (complete with roaring fire) and good food. However, I found the serving staff very unfriendly - not a single smile for anyone... It has put me off going back.

Posted 30th Nov 2008 by REMOGuru: 49 reviews

Wynns Hotel Bar is great, but for a really enjoyable meal, try the hotel restaurant, which costs not too much extra. Obviously I spent longer there as the room was almost full and service is provided, not self-service as in the bar.
Certainly in the future, I will make the restaurant the venue for appointments to meet visitors to Dublin with whom I wish to spend a while over a nice luncheon meal, with several choices on the menu.

Posted 20th Mar 2008 by SUSANJGuru: 176 reviews

If anyone over 65 is looking for somewhere to meet like aged people, I would highly recommend this hotel. Popped in for a coffee last week and the blue rinse brigade were out in full. Its really old fashioned and quaint and in a world that can be very youth obsessed, its nice to see somewhere that caters so well to over 60's market. However, I don't feel I will be going back for at least 20 years!
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