Rustic Stone
South George's Street, City Centre South, Dublin


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Rustic Stone is the culinary creation of the award winning Dylan McGrath. Located on Georges Street Dublin 2 it is in the heart of the trendy City Centre area. Their philosophy at Rustic Stone is simple; they use the best seasonal ingredients, and apply simple techniques to extract the most flavour, while giving the customer the information they need to add nutrition to their diet. Rustic Stone is a sure win for anyone that is looking for a healthy and affordable fine dining experience.

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Posted 28th Aug 2017 by PALOMA_CANUTO9899730First Timer: 1 reviews

Great service, delicious food.n

Posted 23rd Jul 2017 by PAUL.CARROLL76158562First Timer: 3 reviews

Working my way through a list of Dublins top resturants I was really looking forward to rustic stone only to be left disappointed! I thought the menu was some what pretentious, food was very average and the service was poor! I asked for one of the fillets to be cooked for my daughter rather than be served on a very hot stone and they refused stating they were too busy! They wouldn't even switch a polenta chips for a potatoe chips! The deserts were also a disaster. Value for money? I would say not and a service charge of €50 for food we cooked ourselves I found it a bit much.

Posted 11th Jul 2017 by RICHARD.CORBETFirst Timer: 3 reviews

Visited this restaurant last Saturday early afternoon. Was looking forward to this experience, Food presentation and taste was great but very over priced and small portions, Left still feeling hungry,
Staff appears to be rushed off their feet reducing the relaxed atmosphere feel.

Posted 20th Jun 2017 by GREYMARGERETFirst Timer: 1 reviews

My partner and I were invited to a celebration in the bar area. When ordering our drinks, we were told that the only option was to include the drinks on the tab and pay them later when leaving. As the party gradually moved to a nightclub in the vicinity we soon realised we were the last ones to leave.
We then proceeded to pay for our drinks then the unpleasant waiter made us feel immediately uncomfortable and demanded that we settled the outstanding amount of €100 immediately. As it happened someone in the party left without paying so I kindly asked for the receipt and told the waiter I would go and get the payment from the bad payers in the party on his behalf.
As I left, the crazy waiter blocked the way of my partner who was behind and threatened to call the guards. The situation clearly went out of control.
If their tab system ends up in threats and bullying to customers this is an outrageous way to organise payments. We were not keen on the idea from the beginning and told the waiters three times when ordering that we were not interested. The waiters forced us to believe that this was the only option since we were part of the group. We later discovered that wasn’t true! This ended up as an extremely upsetting experience and this is why I feel the need to share this here.
Beware of the screaming and bullying waiters and the tab system at this bar/restaurant. They were entitled to request payment but as guests, we were NOT responsible for the tab or for the collection of outstanding amounts. If they are asking for repeat custom and positive word of mouth this is not the way to go about it as customers don't have to suffer from their system’s shortcomings.

Posted 4th Jun 2017 by BLANCHConnoisseur: 61 reviews

Went with a menupages voucher. Booked online as per the voucher and booking was accepted.Host said that she had never heard of the voucher, but that it was old and had expired. I pointed out that there was no expiry date on the voucher. Host said that the voucher meal wasn't on the menu. Host then left us for ten minutes. On return she said that the meal was on the menu, but was too much food for one person. She said that she had called "marketing" and the owner and that we could use the voucher as a starter, split between two and pay for two main courses. We left. Restaurant was quite busy. Won't be back.

Posted 18th May 2017 by GOLDGuru: 32 reviews

I love this restaurant. I've been there now around 4 times and will definitely be back I love the whole atmosphere and the novelty of cooking myself on the stone

Posted 18th May 2017 by GOLDGuru: 32 reviews

I love this restaurant. I've been there now around 4 times and will definitely be back I love the whole atmosphere and the novelty of cooking myself on the stone

Posted 15th May 2017 by BLANCHConnoisseur: 61 reviews

Went for the lunch for two deal, wings and salt cod starters were superb, followed by a selection of different steaks on the stone for main. Great value and excellent food.

Posted 2nd May 2017 by DPSTONE2000First Timer: 1 reviews

Easily the nicest salad I've ever had (Rustic Chicken Salad) I'll be back just for that ... and the parmesan pesto chips. They should be illegal they're so nice.
Staff were super friendly and helpful.

Posted 3rd Apr 2017 by CHICKENWINGFirst Timer: 84 reviews

Had a great night here. Bought a voucher on The courses served were huge. Great variation on tastes. Wine was lovely. Cocktails even better. Would defo come back.
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