Pizza Hut (Blanchardstown)
Blanchardstown, Blanchardstown, Dublin


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Posted 6th Feb 2011 by MALONEEIFirst Timer: 7 reviews

Went in with my boyfriend and asked about the special offers. was told rudely that i couldn't get what i wanted then was ignored by the waitress who only listened to my boyfriend!! The food was unappetising and wasn't worth the money at all. Wont be going there again

Posted 28th Dec 2010 by SAPNAGuru: 80 reviews

After a Busy Day shopping we went there for Lunch.Our little one loves McDonald's but as it was closed we went to pizza had(looking at the long ques at burger king) should say was really pleased .The meal deal is simply superb and the staff are very friendly and helping .

Posted 23rd Aug 2010 by NEWCOMER1Connoisseur: 10 reviews

Have eaten here plenty of times. needs to be re-done. Service is decent. However the food aint fantastic. Is far from the best Pizza Hut out there. The buffet is a joke. Hardly any pizza comes out.

Posted 9th Apr 2010 by RAPSODY2003Guru: 37 reviews

great value at lunchtime & offer free refills. salad bar could be improved. service very good. place needs a whole new revamp.

Posted 23rd Jun 2009 by YUM YUMGuru: 37 reviews

We stopped in for lunch during a recent shopping trip. The pissz was very good BBQ chicken with stuffed crust. Very good. It is great that they do free refills with the soft drinks. Childrens menu is good. The resturant it self was filthy and i personally think it could do with a re-vamp. The girl who served us was very nice. A little bit on the expensive side for what it is but nice for a change.

Posted 7th Apr 2009 by EDELCASSGuru: 35 reviews

This place is grand for lunch as they do a buffet lunch which is good value for money. Been here a few times for this and most times the pizza and pasta is very fresh. service is only ok but it is a buffet lunch. probably wouldn't eat outside of the lunch but would go back for that.

Posted 8th Mar 2009 by JUNNIPERFoodie: 9 reviews

Why do we do it to ourselves? Everytime I go to any pizza hut I promise it's the last time but I caved in yesterday. I do like the pizzas, they are normally very good & yesterday was no different but it's the service, it's comically bad. My pizza came out with the wrong base, hubby's pizza was the wrong size. They said that hubby could start eating the one they brought & they would bring the right size as soon as possible to which hubby suggested they just bring another individual one & that would equal what he wanted in the beginning (the waiter had to think about this!). We did start eating and after one piece paused while we waited for our nachos which we had asked be served with the pizza. We waited and we waited. We asked one staff member to check where the nachos were to which the reply was "did you order nachos?" She came back to say they were sitting in the kichen .... but she didn't bring them with her. Again we waited and waited. We asked another staff member to check where they were to which we got the reply "did you order nachos?" Deja Vu anyone? A 'manager' came over to apologise for the delay & asked if he could do anything, we suggested he knocked the nachos off the bill (like the waiter above he also had to think about this). When we did eventually get hubby's extra pizza & the nachos the food was lovely but I'm making another promise ... I'm never going to any pizza hut again!

Posted 13th Feb 2009 by JENConnoisseur: 19 reviews

Wont be going back !!!

Have went to this branch of Pissa Hunt a number of time and defo wont be returning. Food was ages then when it arrived it was cold. On another occasion we went into the buffet when the waiter came to the table we asked him if more fresh food would be added and where told yes. Needless to say he gave the wrong information. On leaving we requested the bill and got someone elses. Then got the correct one and where charged to much. Horrible experience defo wont be going back :(

Posted 13th Jan 2009 by ZANNYGuru: 21 reviews

Horrible.I would not go back.I ordered the pasta which was not good.Friends got pizza with cheesy crust which I tried and was not worth being bold for.Our waiter was friendly and nice but apart from that it was not a nice place to eat.I wouldn't even give half a star for food or atmosphere.

Posted 24th Nov 2008 by CATFACEGuru: 67 reviews

Shockingly bad. After waiting to be seated for about 20 minutes, my boyfriend and I were shown to a dirty table - it had been wiped down but was sticky and there was food under our feet. The place was obviously understaffed as there were filthy tables everywhere. The food was mediocre - I found it hard to enjoy because of the filth around us. The bathrooms were an absolute disgrace - really dirty. I spoke to the manager after our meal - he apologised and put it down to being short staffed, and that he was 'trying to get a handle on the place'.
I shudder to think what the kitchen was like, he assured me that the kitchen was his 'number one priority'
Needless to say, I will not be back.
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