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Oliveto At The Haddington, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin


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Oliveto mixes classic authentic Italian dishes with a growing passion for chargrilled meats & fish. From their cured salumi & grilled veg starter board to homemade pasta, fresh fish, grilled meats and possibly, the best pizzas outside of Italy, there’s loads to choose from.
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Posted 20th Jun 2017 by SAMLEEDOYLE34304677First Timer: 1 reviews

I was in Olivetos tonight with a friend, the garden area is lovely, and the food is nice. I would consider myself a regular. The staff are friendly and helpful. nBut tonight was very different, myself and a friend order a pizza slightly different then what was on the menu, due to an allergy, we had 3 different waiters take the order, after dealing with 3 separate people who didn't seem to understand the order, the pizza was delivered to us by the rudest most aggressive boy I have ever dealt with. He dropped our pizza belligerent on the table, the order was incorrect, we tried to explain what we wanted, he grabbed the pizza off us and took it back. He then came with the same pizza still not correct. We decided it would be fine, at this stage he was getting severely aggressive, we asked for mayo, he didn't look or acknowledge us, he just walked off. My friend raised her voice as he was far away asking 'did you get that can we please have mayo. He stormed back grab my wine an empty the glass on the grass took our pizza and chips and began to shout at my friend in front of a full garden of people. I got up to speak to the general manager, he followed me in and shouted so aggressively at me as I try to explain what happened. I got more and more upset I couldn't believe how he was talking to me, I left with tears in my eyes, only to be harassed by a friend of his at the bar who didn't even work there. On my way home I began to feel really upset, I was in foods of tears entering my front door. n

Posted 20th Jun 2017 by OLAYA.CHESNEAUFirst Timer: 1 reviews

I have never written a review online. But the service I encountered in Oliveto today was so upsetting it drew tears.

I am a local at this restaurant, I live around the corner, and come here about three times a week, spending quite alot of money and time there. I just had the 'garden manager' take my food out of my hand and throw us out of the restaurant in front of the entire terrace.

This happened after three separate individuals took our order down wrong. After asking and being ignored for ketchup the individual stormed back to out table and squared up to two girls sitting down and took the food from under us and asked us loudly to leave, while his friends laughed at us from the next table.

I have never, ever come across such despicable, aggressively unnecessary behaviour as a client in my whole life.

The incorrigible aggression felt from this individual was embarrassing and drew tears.

Our food was taken first and then our wine was thrown out in front of the whole garden. While having a gang of sneering backup beside us we had to endure the entire garden looking at a scene created by an employee at our expense.

I would discourage people from booking weddings or any social events here as the staff seem to not be able to deal with situations in a calm, professional manner. We were stone cold sober, coming from an exercise class.

Speaking as a girl, being stood over by a tall man I felt scared and completely embarrassed in front of a crowd. Its important to mention that this individuals friends were sitting beside our table and continued to get involved at the bar while we tried to deal with the situation. The management did not deal with this.

We both walked away from our local feeling sad, completely disgusted and really embarrassed.

Its a pity as it has lovely sea views and normally we are very well tended to.

I have to say it is literally the most hideous service experience I have ever encountered.

Posted 4th Apr 2017 by FRANKSHERIDAN45397552First Timer: 19 reviews

Seated in the window on a beautiful sunny evening with a perfect view to match the perfect food and wine. Just great.

Posted 17th Dec 2016 by MARY.MACCABE1717First Timer: 1 reviews

Food was delicious - excellent pizza and seafood. Couldn't fault it. We had a booking for 3.30...we arrived at 3.00 and had a drink whilst waiting - then were told the lunch menu finishes at 4.00. No problem there. We were not shown to our table until exactly 4.00 - when we were told that the lunch menu was finished -and we were on the dinner menu. That is not fair. Other than that - the staff were lovely - the food was good - we will be back again - but next time we will order before the lunch menu runs out.

Posted 22nd Sep 2016 by HENGuru: 36 reviews

Great lunch-time venue, gorgeous burgers and proper chips.
Lovely view of the seafront.
Friendly and helpful service.
Amazing Tiramisu.
Can't wait to go back.

Posted 13th Oct 2015 by GILLANDOWENFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Great Sunday lunch with the kids.
Excellent food to satisfy all tastes. Wonderful views.

Posted 4th Jul 2015 by FIONADOYLE26First Timer: 2 reviews

I love the location of Olivetos.The pizzas ( and all dishes) are yummy and great value.I think the staff could smile a little more but that would not stop me coming back...have been a few times now and window seat is a bonus...

Posted 22nd Jun 2015 by NEIL35375108First Timer: 1 reviews

What a wonderful experience... Oliveto is a hidden gem! We had an beautiful dinner looking out over a glorious sunlit Dun Laoghaire pier. Frito Misto, Pork Belly, Chicken, Panna Cotta and a bottle of Primitivo wine - all fantastic!! We'll definitely be back...

Posted 29th Mar 2015 by ROSSMCD8617832683First Timer: 16 reviews

Was here for an anniversary, all six diners were very satisfied with absolutely everything for all 3 courses. The veal risotto was a highlight as was the very generous portion of tiramisu as desert.

Plenty of people came and left with pizza boxes, cementing its reputation as a burgeoning institution within the area for pizza.

Posted 26th Mar 2015 by RUMPOLE67First Timer: 4 reviews

Love visiting this restaurant. Best pizzas anywhere. Their Risotto is delicious, cooked just right and the Anti Pasta Platter is one of the best. Great place to bring kids. Staff very welcoming. Keep it up
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