Olesya's Wine Bar
18 Exchequer Street, City Centre South, Dublin


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Olesya's Wine Bar offers one of the biggest wine lists that you will find in Dublin. Located on the funky Exchequer Street, this is a city centre gem that you should explore if you haven't already. The various selection of wines is tempting enough, but paired with this bistro and European menu it is even more impressive. Olesya's have over 100 wines by the glass on offer, and over 400 by the bottle. The excellent food menu is created to match the selection of wines, offering a wide range of high quality dishes such as foie gras, cavier, cheese dishes, cold meats. The atmosphere is trendy and friendly, and this is the perfect place for a night out with friends, family, or that special person in your life. The staff will be happy to advise you on the wine and food menu so that you might the right choice.
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Posted 21st Jun 2018 by GUINNESSMANGuru: 81 reviews

We visited for the wine and not for the food or comfort. It is one of the best places in Dublin for wine and the knowledge of the staff member dealing with us was great. Yes it is expensive but you pay for what you get and it was great value.
I'm looking forward to another late night here sipping great wines.

Posted 7th Sep 2015 by EINSTEINGuru: 74 reviews

Went in tonight around 7 to enjoy some nice wine and meat and cheese board, to my horror the windows(doors) facing onto the street were wide open.Result, the 4 of us did not go in as ( believe it or not) its getting cold and I don't enjoy supping and eating in the cold. This is the second time in the last two weeks WE have went in and changed our minds when we see the windows open.We are not in Spain or Brazil so cop on ?I like this place but don't like paying to sit in the Cold, so no review of food just Atmosphere?

Posted 7th Apr 2015 by EINSTEINGuru: 74 reviews

Great place to go , great assorted meat plates and good pasta specials with excellent risotto also. However they should expand the menu as one can become a bit bored and not go there as often. Perhaps another pasta dish and change the duck offering every so often?

Posted 1st Dec 2014 by ORLAMC2121254133First Timer: 56 reviews

Went here with a good friend just for a few nibbles and a glass of vino after work and was really pleasantly surprised- had the deluxe platter to share with some fresh crusty bread- divine!

Posted 30th Nov 2014 by VLADIMIR.DOTSENKOFirst Timer: 12 reviews

I have been coming to Olesya's Wine bar regularly for quite a few years. They certainly have one of the most diverse wine lists in Dublin, and also have some food specialities which one never gets tired of. For example, their wild mushroom risotto is absolutely stunning, as is their beef stroganoff. I wholeheartedly recommend this place.

Posted 9th Aug 2014 by DUBLINDININGGuru: 81 reviews

A few of us tried out Olesya and nothing memorable happened sort of average place so no more said. A return visit is not planned

Posted 3rd Jul 2014 by SARGENewbie: 35 reviews

Dined here in the glorious sunshine, windows opened back, and it was just a brilliant experience.
The food, wine and service was without fault.
It was our first time to dine here but now it's on our books. well done to all concerned.

Posted 26th Apr 2014 by EINSTEINGuru: 74 reviews

Like this place a lot but for some reason they now have the windows open and as we know its not summer yet so the draught in the restaurant is quite cold. I have changed my mind about going there twice in the last few weeks as have others on account of this.

Posted 26th Jan 2014 by EINSTEINGuru: 74 reviews

Been here three times in the last two weeks and needless to say we really like it. We have had both the set evening meal, in our case Confit of Duck with roast potatoes as main but the star was the starter of Mushroom Risotto. We also like the cold plates which we share, the De Lux platter is excellent, combination of Cheese and Meat. We also like the ability to try out various wines from around the world by the glass at good prices. So I can really recommend Olesyas and the staff are very helpful and efficient.

Posted 26th Jun 2013 by TREEFROGConnoisseur: 41 reviews

Went here after work on a Saturday just for wine and a cheeseboard. It was quite busy but managed to get a table, service is brilliant the guys are very knowledgeable about the extensive wine list and the food very tasty, ended up also getting the dips and bread which came out pipping hot! There was no issues not eating and the only minus is the windows do stay open so can get a bit chilly but other than that would highly recommend.
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