M&L Chinese Restaurant
13-14 Cathedral Street, City Centre North, Dublin


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Our passion is real Chinese food. Our goal: to continue to bring the most authentic Chinese dinning experience to Ireland. Our dedicated chef's and staff our passionate about food. For us, real Chinese food is more that a good meal, it's the very essence of life.When you step through our doors, we want your experience to be just like it would were you stepping into a restaurant in Chengdu, Szechuan Province in China.
All our delicious dishes are crafted to tantalise your taste buds and leave you marvelling at just how good true Chinese food is. We are proud of our food but humble in our desire to ensure you enjoy your time with us.
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Posted 26th Mar 2017 by KIMBERLEYMCKEON134134880First Timer: 1 reviews

Arrived with hubby and 3 kids for an early Mother's Day dinner. Sat at our table for 20mins without any acknowledgment from the plentiful staff. Spoke to a waitress and asked her if we could order some food now, she said "yes" then promptly walked away and ignored us. I went to the counter and asked if they had a dumpling menu as this was the sole reason for driving across the city only to be told their one dumpling chef isn't on duty today. They say they have 'an extensive starter menu' on their webpage-so many options they can't even print on their website, this is false advertising. People arrived after us and were served before us, we ended up leaving and were waved out! No apologies for the poor, lazy, disgusting service.

Posted 31st Mar 2015 by GIRLMEATSGINFirst Timer: 6 reviews

Amazing food, amazing value, pretty okay service!

Myself and my boyfriend came here for dinner after realizing we were sick of take-out Chinese food.
The restaurant is relatively spacious and was buzzing with clientele by the time we got there.
There are Chinese and English menus laid out on the table, while I ordered from the English language menu and played it relatively safe with cripsy chicken in a bird's nest with fried rice and curry sauce and a Tsingtao beer (you can take the girl out of Dublin..), he opted for the Chef's recommendation of chicken with dried chili and peanuts.
The service was quick for the drinks, and the beer was surprisingly refreshing for 3€! The food arrived not long after, it didn't last long as we devoured it. It's by far the best Chinese that I've had in the city.

The only thing I can fault is that the staff were a bit scatter-brained and it was quite hard to get someone to bring us the bill when we were done, despite having asked a couple of times.
Nevertheless, the food and value were amazing so it's still among my favorite restaurants and I'll definitely be back!

Posted 24th Feb 2015 by NEVAEVA4EVAFirst Timer: 2 reviews

Food wasn't that bad. Great value for money, you get big portions. But the knifes were horrible. Hard to cut through meat. Service was fast but we came for an early dinner to avoid the rush. The place filled up quickly. So it looks like a popular place. The dumplings were great. The duck was dry. I had better Chinese. I recommend Leekee on Parnell.

Posted 16th Nov 2014 by GNUGENTNewbie: 8 reviews

Great food,really enjoyed the time with my family there. The dumplings are the best in Dublin, order early as they are made fresh and take time to prepare. The meal portions are large and food is beautiful, tastes great and and is reasonable. It would be nice to be able to pay electronically but they only take cash which is fine but you need to remember to have enough on hand to avoid any embarrassment at the end of the evening.

Posted 29th Apr 2014 by AMANDA.MCCANNFirst Timer: 1 reviews

The staff are so incredibly welcoming and always have such lovely smiles

The pork dumplings are to die for

The food is truely excellent and very competitively priced

This is a fantastic place to go to for dinner before or after a play in the Abbey or the Peacock. M and L is literally a 5 minute walk away

Look forward to eating there soon again

Posted 10th Apr 2014 by RESURRECTION79First Timer: 12 reviews

We had heard that this place is the best Chinese restaurant in Dublin, so we were eager to try it for a while. We didn't have a booking and happened to be passing at about 9:30pm so we decided now was our chance. It was absolutely rammed full! There wasn't a free table so we stood there waiting for 15 minutes or so, which just shows how popular the place is. The whole time the wait staff looked fairly stressed. When we eventually got our food it was very nice, but to be honest neither of us felt it was a huge improvement on many of the other decent Chinese restaurants on Parnell Street and Capel Street. That's not a criticism as we both enjoyed our meals, it's just that people had strongly recommended it, and it didn't particularly stand out. It's not expensive and the food is enjoyable, so I would recommend it. Just make sure you book ahead!

Posted 12th Mar 2014 by GAMBLOR01First Timer: 10 reviews

Fantastic Place, Pork dumplings are to die for.
Order off the Chef Recommends pages, the first 2/3 on the menu.. they have funny name's (Beef in hot and spicy taste), but they are authentic and delicious.

Posted 2nd Mar 2014 by PATRICKDALYFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Best Chinese food in Dublin. Salted Squid is to die for. Very friendly staff and great prices. Will definetly will go back.

Posted 21st Dec 2013 by WICKLOWFOODFANSFoodie: 19 reviews

Informal friendly dining experience.....food was lovely...service very fast when I explained we heading to theater after. Very friendly wait staff! Lovely atmosphere and full of chattering people. Would recommend

Posted 25th Nov 2013 by MG-FOODFirst Timer: 3 reviews

Food was fab! Very tasty! Can't wait to go back. The dishes we had were Dry Stir Fried Beef with chilli (so tasty, full of flavours), broccoli and carrot in oyster sauce (crunchy and delicious), salty & chilli squid (very tasty and not chewy), beef in black bean (tasty but I found the beef a bit too soft in texture), fried noodles (done right and tasty), singapore chowmein (very different take on a singapore but nice), beef & pork dumplings (these were ok). I'd like to go again and try other dishes that I never had before. Overall good, tasty food. My only issue would be the texture of the beef in some dishes.
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