Mak at D6
Fields Terrace, Ranelagh, Dublin


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Mak combines Hong Kong-style dim sum and authentic Chinese cuisine in an atmosphere and setting that is perfect for either family dining, catching up with friends or a romantic evening for two.

Great food comes from great people and their expert Chinese chefs are masters of the culinary arts. Their experience can be tasted with every bite you take.

At Mak, they hold a “family” philosophy with their friendly wait staff and it shows in the service they provide. Whether it’s the first time you’ve tried us or you’re a foodie who is coming back, you’ll always feel like you’re returning to a familiar place.
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Posted 27th Aug 2017 by CHICKENWINGFirst Timer: 84 reviews

Very expensive for a chinese - with main course 20 euro then with rice extra on top of that! Music very loud & on a warm night to have no air con - not good!
The nicest thing for me was the duck pancakes. Yuk sung was loaded with salt. Chicken & cashews wasn't great. Chicken curry tasted like it was out of a packet. I won't be going back.

Posted 8th Apr 2017 by GERHFirst Timer: 6 reviews

I have been here and few times and the food is really good. It's on the pricey side for a Chinese as the main courses are the most of €20 each and then sides are extra. The early bird menu is good value thought and it is until 7. Two starters I would recommend are the BBQ ribs and the chicken wings (although they aren't on the early bird menu any more which is disapponting) . For mains the satay chicken and szechaun is gorgeous and the sweet & sour is very good too. We found the beef and black bean a little salty for our taste and the pork belly was disapponting. It needed more sauce and it needed to be served with some stir fried veg along with the pak choi. We didn't order dessert. One thing I have to say is that the chicken and beef is good quality and not the rubbery plastic over processed meat you get in some chinese restaurants and maybe that accounts for the increased cost so for that reason it's a cost I'm willing to bear. Overall the service and quality of food is very good.

Posted 23rd Dec 2016 by SUECHANDLER89973359First Timer: 1 reviews

Wonderful food in fact portions too big, service very good ..... BUT were we in a restaurant or a nightclub .... The background music was so loud we weren't sure whether we were meant to be dancing or eating ! We had a table of 6 people and you had to shout to talk to your neighbour! It was so rediculous that we left without ordering dessert or coffee! Music was on an annoying loop ..... Cannot recommend this restaurant on this basis! Come on .... We go to restaurants to eat good food and talk to friends not to be blasted out by music Turn It Off!!!!!!

Posted 18th Oct 2016 by STRIDERSWOEConnoisseur: 28 reviews

Great place full stop. The very best dim sum I have eaten in a long while. Also ordered a black bean beef take away recently and the beef was melt in there mouth beautiful. Not much more to add.

Posted 11th Jul 2016 by JGPMCCANNFirst Timer: 2 reviews

Good atmosphere. Staff great with our 2 year old. All tne dishes we had were delicious and good size portions. Only disappointment was that there was only one dim sum dish when the place advertises as a dim sum etc menu.

Posted 22nd Mar 2016 by TRDSLTD2013First Timer: 7 reviews

Excellent food and a nice atmosphere. Service excellent.
Can't wait to visit again soon

Posted 13th Sep 2015 by KUIFirst Timer: 1 reviews

The food was lovely but it was not as nice as previous visits. The atmosphere is best for families and groups not a romantic night for two.

Posted 18th Aug 2015 by EBOPFirst Timer: 1 reviews

LOVE the prawn toast and the podstickers, the starters are superb!! Early Bird is good, or even just go for a few starters and forget the main!

Posted 7th Apr 2015 by VERIFYORNewbie: 35 reviews

Dined on a quite Sunday evening for an early bird. The interior of the restaurant is quite nice. We had the salt and peper ribs and the spicy chicken potsticker which were nice. The mains were lovely as we had the prawn with ginger and the sweet chilli chicken. Place was quiet so can't fault the service. Only issue was that I got a prawn that wasn't deveined which I brought to the attention of the waiter who didn't seem apologetic or bothered which I found disheartening. Overall good value with nice food but nothing to really impress.

Posted 9th Mar 2015 by DARBIENewbie: 18 reviews

Just love this restaurant, visited last night for the early bird which is superb value and can honestly say they have it in the bag. Great atmosphere as restaurant was buzzing which is great to see on a sunday evening, fabulous food and wine and coctails, friendly service and great music, they just know how to deliver on all fronts, keep up the great work guys :))))
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