La Dolce Vita - The Chase
Carmanhall Road, Sandyford, Dublin


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Located in the heart of Sandyford, check out our website for all offers and opening times or simply to make a reservation
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Posted 8th Jun 2017 by CHICKENWINGFirst Timer: 84 reviews

Was here for lunch with a friend (reluctantly as hadn't a great time on a previous visit) Small chicken salad - which there was NOTHING fancy about it & a tea was 18EURO! The guy greeting people needs to be either sacked or moved to a different role! Didn't look happy to see me at all when I came in & said I had a booking!! When he brought me to my table - I wasn't even asked if I wanted a drink while I looked at the menu & waited for my friend.

Posted 10th Apr 2017 by NORMDESIGN50885925First Timer: 1 reviews

We paid a visit to La Dolce Vita last Saturday evening, we use to go regularly when it was located in Sandyford Village, I'm afraid we were both very disappointed, we only had a main course each, both dishes were bland, had very little flavour, and very little sauce. When I complained the manager said she had ordered me the wrong dish, Floor staff average to poor. Its a shame as this was a great little restaurant before it moved.

Posted 29th Dec 2016 by CHICKENWINGFirst Timer: 84 reviews

Firstly I must say the food was delish. The service was terrible. Our main course was brought out & we were still eating our starters. Then when we had finished it took an age for them to clear the plates & bring the main back - warm - not hot! Staff had a bit of an attitude. One waiter brought out a dish & didn't even know what it was!!! Wine wasn't opened at the table - one bottle was off. No problem changing it but a good waiter should know open wine at the table & leave the cork. Wouldn't be rushing back.

Posted 17th Sep 2016 by AMPKELLConnoisseur: 21 reviews

La Dolce Vita never let's us down. Great food as always.

Posted 30th Aug 2016 by PELBEFirst Timer: 19 reviews

Location is a drawback (surrounded by offices in Sandyford industrial estate) but the layout inside is very inviting. Varied menu (pasta, pizza as well as standards). Disappointed with the mains - Pollo Siciliana wasn't much more than chicken breast covered in tomoato based sauce though potatoes are very tasty. Chicken and mushroom fettucine was also a bit lifeless. Startes (antipasto plate and prawns) were very tasty and the house wine and coffee are also excellent.

Posted 3rd May 2016 by SAMMIDUBLINFoodie: 29 reviews

Boring food. One veggie option, which makes me think, lazy chef. It is a basic place which gets plenty of returning customers, being one of the few restaurants in the business estate. I will not be rushing back. At least they are not greedy, their prices are reasonable.

Posted 21st Mar 2016 by ADRIANWILLIAMRYAN1First Timer: 2 reviews

My wife and I visited this restaurant on Saturday night. I had eaten here a couple of times in the past at their old location above Sandyford House and once since they moved to their current location. I had in the past thought it was acceptable, the wife loves pizza and it is the closest sit down Italian restaurant to us, so we said we would give it another try. I had the chicken wings to start - completely tasteless is all I can say to describe them. The wife had prawns - €9 for six small prawns that were also as dull as my starter. I followed it up with penne with mushroom and chicken in a parmesan and white wine sauce - three pieces of chicken as big as a twenty cent coin with a watery sauce that again was bland, the wife had a calzone pizza - it was acceptable but very average (the best dish of the night). We really should have given up at this point and left but we decided to try a desert each - both were poor. Service was slow but the staff were quite friendly and polite.
We eat out quite a bit, having said that it is almost five years since we met, and we cannot remember having had a worse meal out.

Posted 7th Feb 2016 by FAIRREVIEWFirst Timer: 6 reviews

We went here on a deal €60 worth of food for €34, which was good until we realised in small print that we couldnt include wine in total. This was dissapointing and a bit mean!.....Food was good.....atmosphere good, they had live guitar.....will go back again, (on a deal).

Posted 31st Jan 2016 by RAYHOME50First Timer: 98 reviews

Really impressed with this well run professional restaurant nested in The Sandyford Industrial Estate. We would really recommend this place for it's originality in design and mostly for the food. This is a restaurant we really loved and had a brilliant night there with everything to our liking. We recommend it to others no matter what the occasion or if it just be fo a visit for lunch and yes we will be back again for sure. This Restaurant is also close to the LUAS, stillorgan stop.

Posted 27th Oct 2015 by RATHGARFOODIEFirst Timer: 17 reviews

This is a great place to eat when you have 'a gang' , a family outing, birthday , or just a group of friends who fancy a good night out, There is something on the menu for everyone: pasta, pizza, chicken, salmon. The early bird menu is great value offering two courses for under €20. Great for Sunday lunch too. Service is great and staff are unintrusive but totally attentive. Always happy to eat there,
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