Stir Restaurant & Bar
Maldron Hotel Dublin Airport, Santry, Dublin


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STIR Restaurant offers an array of both Irish & European dishes to tempt your taste buds. Each dish is carefully prepared by our team of expert chefs and is complimented by a fantastic choice of fine wines.

Designed to reflect the bustling nature of its location, STIR can accommodate a range of guest requirements, from families to couples and corporate guests to lone travellers on business.
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Posted 26th Aug 2011 by KERRYFITZGGuru: 37 reviews

My colleague raves about Kudos, and they had the genius idea of putting a cart outside the restaurant selling lunchtime takeaway. Really reasonably priced and a choice of two things. So we decided to go for lunch to the Kudo Bar today. We were seated politely and ordered our food. Drinks came instantly. Then we waited. And waited. After 20 mins we were informed tha tone of our orders wasn't available. Poor form. After 30 minutes we asked about how long it would take and the manager apologised saying they had a rush on the kitchen. WE'd noticed hoever, no food had come out of the kitchen for quite a while. After 45 minutes we stood up to go and our food appeared, It was quite mediocre to be honest. Not very authentic and not particularly flavoursome. We wolfed it back because we were starving (and in a rush). Dashed up to pay our bill, rather than wait for the lacksadaisical staff to bring it. The bar tender bordered on rude. Slowly filling up two "urgent" glasses of tap water before going to the till. He surlily asked us which table and then handed us the bill. There were no drinks on the bill and one of the main dishes was missing. Whether this was due to the consistent incompetence we had been the victims of, or as an apologetic gesture for the poor service , food and overall experience we didn't care. We took it as an apology, paid and left. I won't be going back I'm afraid. Unless they deliver me a vastly improved Singapore Noodles as a reconciliatory gesure free of charge...

Posted 17th Nov 2010 by MICDALTONNewbie: 3 reviews

Wok menu is excellent. Helpings generous. Beautifully cooked and presented. Good service. Acceptable prices. Overall: excellent.

Posted 8th Jul 2010 by TASTY1Guru: 58 reviews

Great lunch food but its very expensive. We had the open prawn sandwich, mineral water and a coffee and it was almost €16 each. The service is excellent.

Posted 4th Dec 2008 by STARLIMOConnoisseur: 11 reviews

had lunch here 5 weeks in a row due to working in the location. food was alway tasty and always well presented. on the down side the portions are a little on the small side and you will always receive the bill before you get the food

Posted 18th Feb 2008 by DINDINSFoodie: 5 reviews

Great food, great service, beautiful surroundings We had a dinner to celebrate my brother in-laws 21st birthday here, so there were 12 of us for dinner on a Saturday night and we all had a beautiful meal. I had the King prawn starter. As a big fan of King prawns, I can be the biggest critic, these were juicy and perfectly cooked. All main courses were a good size and beautifully presented. The food was hot and tasty. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. The clarion has recently been refurbished so the surroundings are contempory and clean. So 4*'s for Kudos. If I could fault anything, it would be the bar afterwards, felt a little too much like an airport bar.

Posted 18th Aug 2007 by DLONGSHAWGuru: 38 reviews

I didn't know Kudos is a hotel chain restaurant, but regardless of that I would have to say the food is pretty good. The hot and sour soup starter is delicious, however I was in the mood for a hot curry and I have to say I was very disappointed with the "best ever curry" as they call it. It shows as 3 peppers on the menu, I would rate it as 1 pepper. Very good value though, it worked out €40 each including tip for starter, main course and a bottle of wine. Not the wine we wanted as a lot of the selections on the menu were out of stock - that was annoying. To sum up: good food and good value, but don't go there for the surroundings.

Posted 19th Mar 2007 by KROSSIKATZConnoisseur: 20 reviews

Went to Kudos for Mother’s Day with my family, it was a set meal but was really beautiful the staff were excellent and very attentive. Would go back again definitely.
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