Jimmy Chungs
Eden Quay, City Centre North, Dublin


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Come to Jimmy Chung's and experience authentic
Chinese cuisine presented in a buffet style.
Help yourself from a mouth-watering array of 20 starters
and 40 main courses - and go back for more, then finish off your meal from Jimmy's selection of fresh sweets - if you have any room left!
All food, subject to availability, is continually prepared by Jimmy Chung's experienced chefs using only the freshest ingredients.
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Posted 23rd Sep 2018 by RKBAYALA1868832705First Timer: 1 reviews

Warning!!! Be careful here!!! Had purse stolen from under my coat when I went to the buffet. Manager didn’t really care and wasn’t helpful. And still charged me for my meal. Her comment of “whenever this happens you just have to call the police” makes me wonder how often this occurs!!!nBest to avoid this place all together

Posted 3rd Nov 2016 by NUMNUMMFirst Timer: 6 reviews

Terrible ! Food was awful. Very limited selection. Cold. Just no. Sorry

Posted 25th Oct 2016 by EILISHMBARRYFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Not my first visit to Jimmy Chungs so that's undoubtedly a good thing. The value is very good and the food is fresh and hot. Unlike some buffets there's no dried up sauces etc. The desserts sections is poor and some of the options for children aren't great either. However, the food itself is very nice for what you're paying if you compare it with Chinese sit down restaurants.

Posted 23rd Feb 2016 by PANDNCORISHFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Great value buffet with good selection. Only fault was that the chicken used in the dishes felt a bit processed and the beef well, just don't even try it. Dishes could have been a little bit hotter

Posted 12th Nov 2015 by LOUISEREBFirst Timer: 6 reviews

Overall a good value for money restaurant. food was very nice and there was a good selection to choose from. We were there late on a Friday night and there was children still there, wandering around, not a great idea with hot food everywhere.

Posted 29th Aug 2015 by NIAMH.CONNOLLY161305684First Timer: 1 reviews

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Went for a meal with two adults and three kids. One aged 3, one 9 and the third child 11. On the menu and website it stated kids under 3 eat free. They also have a ridiculous rule on kids must be under 4.5ft otherwise they are classed as an adult for pricing!! When we went to pay the bill the girl on the till had charged me for the child of three stating that she was three and it is only kids of the age of one or two who get their meal free. I have never heard such rubbish in all my life! I stated that in a pub or off license when the signage says 18's, it also includes 18 year olds. I had no problem paying adult pricing for the 11 year old as she had a large portion but there was no way I was paying 9.50 for a three year olds meal. Both the owner and girl behind the till were extremely rude and kept answering back with abrupt and completely unprofessional behaviour. After 10 mins of protest and in the mean time the guy behind me in the queue telling me that Jimmy Chungs had been in the paper before for the same thing, we explained that it was 80euro or nothing, take it or leave it, they finally agreed to take it off the bill, no apology, nothing.... nAbsolutely disgraceful! It was my first and last time ever eating at that shambles of a restaurant. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Never ever ever eat there!!

Posted 18th Aug 2015 by D22First Timer: 31 reviews

Great Value for money. Visited Jimmy Chungs before the Laughter Lounge and the food was very fresh and tasty. There is separate counters for starters, mains, sides and deserts so plenty to choose from. I had Chilli chicken, spring rolls, fried rice and chicken balls....all delish :) Will defo return.

Posted 3rd Aug 2015 by SAMMIDUBLINFoodie: 29 reviews

Fresh tasty food, super-promo courteous service, handy location, our friends loved it and said they would be returning for sure. Wish they had more veggie variety, but they cook veggie dishes on request. Too expensive for a buffet, though: €85 for 4 ppl only 1 drink ahead, considering it is not a la carte and considering Chinese food is cheap to make. We go as a treat and when we don't know what time we'll have dinner at, as the place is big and there are always tables available.

Posted 21st Jul 2015 by SLAVEDAVEFirst Timer: 2 reviews

Took the family of 6 here for the youngest's birthday last Sunday. You don't expect haute cuisine when you go to Jimmy Chungs but you are guaranteed sufficient amounts of food to satisfy the hungriest of mouths. Good selection of starters and mains (inc seafood). Sushi was a nice touch. Many of the dishes were battered (and quite dry / tough). Chicken satay was dry too. My favourite parts were the sushi, volcano mushrooms, singapore noodles and the dessert. The kids liked most of their choices which made mum and dad happy. Good value at €15.90 each (even cheaper if before 5 pm I think). Good venue for a family meal. Staff were great - even did a birthday cake for daughter. Would go back again but would want to try out other buffet style restaurants first.

Posted 19th Jul 2015 by DAMIANNOLAN1366668183First Timer: 1 reviews

The only reason we went here was that our son wanted to try it and I had only had home made Chinese food before. Our son enjoyed it but for my wife and I it was the worst meal we had ever had. I am a vegetarian and the limited choices were bland, over sweetened, almost dyed or deep fried. The rice ran out and I was left scraping the dried remains from the metal tray. Someone needs to buy Jimmy a bag of Chillis too. We wont be going back. It gives Chinese food a bad name and the money saved by visiting a buffet was spent on toilet roll the next day. The staff were attentive and eager to please.
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