Itsa @ Dun Laoghaire (Bagel Store)
The Pavilion, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin


Casual Dining
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Posted 6th Aug 2015 by GRACEKELLYPRINCESS15671212First Timer: 2 reviews

Had lunch of soup and ham / turkey bagel there with my sister, sat outside in the sunshine - food very tasty and good price too, as Arnie says " I'LL BE BACK" as it was our 1st time eating in ITSA.

Posted 7th Oct 2013 by BYRNEOFirst Timer: 3 reviews

Kind of place that there is no service but the food is good. Love the veggie bagel with hummus it is very tasty. Downside the menu boards are very dificult to read and then you just stand around and wait for your food. Grand to fill a void not the kind of place to relax in. But the bagels are really good.

Posted 5th Jun 2013 by MCTAVISHGuru: 58 reviews

Called in here early for breakfast and as it was Bank Holiday Monday the place only had a few customers. I opted for a toasted Bagel with jam and tea. We sat outside as the sun was shining,my tea was brought out in a cup with the tea bag still in and nowhere to deposit the tea bag apart from onto the table, the milk and sugar arrived later.
Partner had a bagel with sausage and egg and coffee.
Although there was nothing wrong with the food something was missing for me here.
I would call in again but only for a coffee.

Posted 8th May 2012 by CRYSTALGuru: 22 reviews

Went here for an early breakfast. The breakfast bagel was really good, and my son enjoyed his sesame bagel with jam. Prices for the other cold drinks being offered are quite pricey though. We will be going back in the future for the bagels, always good.

Posted 17th Feb 2012 by ALRICHIENewbie: 12 reviews

yummy bagels.
Now has new coffee thats slightly more expensive but worth it!
good service.
and strongly recommend the carrot cake.

down side it gets a lot of parents with young kids at the weekend. or al least the sundays I go.

Posted 9th Sep 2011 by LEILANewbie: 4 reviews

This is a great place to grab a bite if you need something quick but fancy something a little bit interesting. My "Kind Veggie" bagel today was bursting with flavour and freshly prepared in minutes. They also have a good range of ice creams, smoothies and juices - definately go for the smoothies and not the coffee!!

Posted 9th Aug 2011 by CUTIEPIE82Guru: 28 reviews

I have to say the best bagel that u will ever get so fresh and tasty cant wait to get my next one wouldnt get a bagel anywere else

Posted 15th Jun 2011 by ANSIONNACHCLISTEGuru: 35 reviews

An awesome bagel bar. They really do fill the bagel up well. I got one today and was well worth the money. They have a great selection of fillings too. The service is quick and what you'd expect from a bagel bar.

Posted 23rd May 2011 by STE1605Connoisseur: 17 reviews

I ordered a breakfast bagel and a smoothie, the food was delicious. The service was quick and the lady that served me was very friendly. Very good value for money and I will definitly return again soon.

Posted 2nd Nov 2010 by LITTLEPACEGuru: 46 reviews

I love bagels and this has a great location. I think the atmosphere is a bit cold so decided to have takeaway and sit by the sea to eat it. I had a lovely bagel with "what-felt-like" everything on it, I would had preferred though that the crispy bacon would had been hot as biting in it felt like I was going to crack my teeth. I ordered a cappuccino as well and it wasn't nice at all, think that the coffee beans could had been a bit old. They have special crisps at the counter and they were really tasty. The value is ok but it ended up costing €20 for 2 bagels, a bag of crisps, a large cappuccino and a drink.
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