Il Baccaro
Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin


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Il Baccaro Restaurant is based in Temple bar Dublin. An Eighteenth century wine merchants cellar in the heart of Dublin hosts this atmospheric Italian tavern since 1997.

A romantic restaurant and wine bar tucked into a secluded corner in Meeting House Square, Il Baccaro Restaurant serves authentic Italian food - this charming taverna is a hit with native Italians from across the city.
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Posted 13th May 2015 by TONYLYNCH11155290650First Timer: 2 reviews

Nice food, lovely staff, very enjoyable evening!

Posted 19th Mar 2015 by ORLAMC2121254133First Timer: 56 reviews

Lovely setting with the most gorgeous furniture I've ever seen! But the food stole the show- delightful bruschetta with a nicely spicy arrabiata which I had with chicken - so so good! €18 for a two course early bird with tea or coffee- super value and perfect location for after work dinner with the girls!

Posted 16th Feb 2015 by BRIAN.ONEILLBEANOFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Favorite place to dine in town.

Posted 4th Feb 2015 by SUSANJGuru: 176 reviews

Myself and my hubbie were at a film in IFI on Saturday afternoon and happened into Meeting House Square and Il Baccaro, have eaten there a few times before and it was time we went back. We were just popping in for a glass of wine and a bruschetta, but when we arrived in to the restaurant we noticed they were doing a lunch menu. They did not have this advertised outside and I really think they should have because it is excellent value at 7.95 for main courses and 12.50 for 2 courses. The atmosphere is always lovely in here, fantastic feeling of being in a bright Italian wine vault. The mayhem of Temple Bar is all around but you are wonderfully cossetted in this special space. We ordered bruschetta to start which was wonderful, delciously crispy on the bread and moist with the tomatoes, basil and garlic and extra oil left at the table, which all good italian restaurants do. Our penna arrabiata was lovely, the pasta being deliciously al dente and the sauce with a wonderful spicy aftertaste. We will be back,.

Posted 10th Dec 2014 by MARTYC92First Timer: 1 reviews

Ate here for my sisters' birthday on a very last minute decision. I was given the task of picking the place as she now lives out of Dublin and hadn't a clue where to go. I've heard good things, but they didn't live up to expectation.... They far exceeded them!

As a lover of Italian food I was blown away by the food, as were all of of group. I had the venison which, I thought odd for an Italian restaurant, but the rich flavour of the meat which the hearty argue really complemented each out. Definitely a must try dish. Don't be disappointed when it lands at the table though. There are only a few pieces of meat, but its more that enough as it's so rich. The seafood dish look delicious also. I was slightly jealous I couldn't have that as well.

Pricing is very reasonable. The meal came to €240 for 6 people having 3 courses, wine / beer and coffees / digestifs.

The hidden location gives this place a very special feeling. It doesn't feel like an Italian restaurant in Ireland. The cellar setting could place it in any Italian city. There is a cosy feel and the staff are all very friendly and helpful (some pronunciation help, which amused us all).

Overall our experience was a success. The only complaint was that it was too hot, but on a cold night it wasn't too much of a hinderance.

I'd highly recommend this place. It's well worth the stroll through Temple bar to find it.

Also, for those visiting during the daytime, there is outdoor seating. I will definitely be back to try it al fresco.

Posted 12th Nov 2014 by TANDUMFirst Timer: 54 reviews

I ate here for the first time with a friend of mine last week. The restaurant is lovely with a really good atmosphere and it feels very authentic Italian. We only got main courses and happened to get the same dish which was very tasty (the chicken dish). I ordered a portion of bread and as my friend is coeliac, they brought her some gluten free bread, we were both well impressed with that! We ordered a half carafe of wine, which was nice and good value. There were no pizzas on the menu which is good, a few pasta dishes. There isn't a massive selection of dishes to choose from but I would definitely recommend this place.

Posted 30th Aug 2014 by SARAHJOYCE84First Timer: 2 reviews

Beautiful. Like being in Italy

Posted 25th Aug 2014 by DAZMORIARTY9661140First Timer: 2 reviews

Have eaten here many times over the years and it's still a great little spot. Good food (just don't expect the usual Italian menu). Beautiful decor and atmosphere. Perhaps some good quiet music would be nice?!

Posted 7th Jul 2014 by SCREWVYFirst Timer: 23 reviews

We had an early dinner one Saturday and we were stuffed leaving after some seriously good eating. We had a meat and cheese antipasti to start, both of us had pasta courses and then we shared tge special main of monkfish with parma ham, which my husband loved, but I wasn't mad about. We enjoyed the antipasti, the salad dressing was delicious, my husband's seafood Spaghetti was much nicer than my Pappardelle pasta in a venison ragu. There was just nothing to my main beside meat and quite dry sauce. Of course other pasta dishes may have been more to my taste. All in all it was enjoyable and I was happy to try it, but I've had better and I think it was a little over-priced for what it was.

Posted 8th Dec 2013 by MODUNNE171906572First Timer: 2 reviews

I booked for 5 people and unfortunately one of the party was sick on the night which was just as well as we had been allocated a table for 4 with an add-on. It would have been impossible for the 5th. person to sit at the table as the chair would have blocked the passage and movement of the waiters and guests. It is not on to treat customers like this and for that reason alone none of us would visit the restaurant again. When I arrived and said we were only now a party of four I felt a disappointment with the waiter that he had allocated the particular table to us but I quickly pointed out to him that a 5th person could NOT have been accommodated at the allocated table. We are a party of friends who regularly eat out, at least once a week.
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