Hibernian Bistro
Citywest Hotel, Saggart, Dublin


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The perfect location for dining in Dublin Citywest, the Hibernian Bistro offers a combination of Irish, Italian & Mediterranean cuisine to provide a wide variety of taste and flavor. Our chefs use only the finest of ingredients and seasonal flavors to create a truly sumptuous dining experience. Situated behind the Pavilion lounge, the restaurant offers an intimate setting that caters for every occasion. Enjoy a traditional carvery lunch with a selection of Irish and Mediterranean dishes. In the evening enjoy intimate Bistro dining with a-la-carte and set menus to cater to every taste. From a dinner for two, to that special family occasion, our professional dining team is here to guarantee a perfect dining experience.
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Posted 2nd Oct 2014 by DUBLIN-2006Guru: 67 reviews

We visited the restaurant as part of the afters for a funeral. The food was lovely and piping hot. Staff were really friendly and helpful. Plan on returning for the carvery.

Posted 4th Aug 2014 by CORMACKMCCARTHYACADEMY8009322First Timer: 4 reviews

Had the carvery Sunday lunch. The food was lovely and the staff very friendly towards children. Good value for money as they do a half portion for children.

Posted 15th Oct 2011 by ALESHAGEORGIAFirst Timer: 4 reviews

Had a group dinner here. The atmosphere was not good as there were television screens playing a football match the whole time we were there. Had the goats cheese spring roll which was nice though rather an odd concept.
Then spinach and ricotta tortellini which was disgusting, there was every vegetable added to this dish which would normally be just served in a tomato based sauce. Lumps of carrots and lots of beansprouts, it was as if a stir-fry mix had been added to the dish. This is pub grub in a restauraunt setting, would not recommend.

Posted 31st Oct 2010 by SANCTAMARIAGuru: 44 reviews

Had a lovely meal here yesterday evening as myself and my husband were staying at the hotel. It has a lovely atmosphere for casual dining, service was very good, the staff was very friendly and the food was delicious and reasonably priced. I would recommend the Cajun Chicken Burger and the Singapore noodles. We will definitely return.

Posted 3rd Sep 2010 by CATFACEGuru: 67 reviews

Nice place for a casual dinner if you are in the area.
I went here early evening. Not too busy so good service. Singapore noodles with chicken is nice, good size beer battered cod. Lovely room!

Posted 9th Feb 2010 by MURRIENewbie: 5 reviews

Went here for first time. There were 6 of us in the party. Had booked the table for 8.00p.m but still had to wait in the bar for while until table free - 8.30p.m.
They had a very good selection available on the menu so we all ordered a variety to try. My bruschetta was overdone - rather too crispy and my chicken main course was slightly dry. Overall the quantity of food was very good as were the friendly waiting staff. Just a few niggly problems. The value was good also and we left full and happy.

Sat out in reception area after to relax for a while which was an added bonus.

Would go back again .

Posted 13th Dec 2009 by JAYBLUE086Guru: 21 reviews

Really buzzing spot, very tasty menu, good variety of dishes! The service was very slow however, we had to ask for the bill three times! And the one thing that really irked me, was twof our party were not drinking and ordered a pint of soda and blackcurrant and they were charged 5 euro each!!!!! Can you believe it???? 5 euro for a dash of blackcurrant and soda????? What planet are they on??? Talk about DISCOURAGING sensible drinking!!!!

Posted 31st Aug 2009 by MCTAVISHGuru: 58 reviews

Enjoyed lunch here with two friends, we decided to order three different sandwiches and share. One chicken, one tuna and one salad. These were a meal in themselves and delicious, we all agreed that they were the tastiest sandwiches we have had in a long time.
Serving staff are very professional and not overpowering.

Posted 11th Aug 2009 by DISCOBABEGuru: 55 reviews

Avoid this place - much better lunch/dinner places in the area. I went here for lunch a few months back and had the salad plate, the portions were very small and they don't display the price anywhere so i thought it would be 6/7 euro max - it was 9.50 euro, the salad was okay but it was so over priced for what you got.

I went back yesterday for lunch, deciding to try something else. I got a wrap and at the counter which was accompanied by three salads. I knew I was going to get charged for the salads, even though they were tiny in portion and I didn't want them....and again when I went up to pay the price was 9.50! 9.50 for a wrap in a recession, I actually couldnt believe it.

A wrap with a side salad garnish is 4.50 down the road, five euros cheaper in price.... And as for the carvery which is 12-13 euro the guys with me who had it said it was average at best. I will not be back.

Posted 12th Nov 2011 by DIARMUIDMURPHYGuru: 71 reviews

Food here can be brutal at times very poor value. When it comes to chips they are a disaster.

Steaks are ok but the rest pretty average and prices are too high for the quality you get. If staying here i would recomend head out to be honest

Service is quiet good and staff are nice, this is the main reason i dine here
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