Harrys Cafe Bar
21 Upper George's Street, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin


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Harry’s Café Bar in Dun Laoghaire is a great funky diner providing great tasting home made food, using the best ingredients, prepared in an open kitchen. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, with surroundings to match! Whether you are looking for coffee, breakfast, lunch, mid morning or mid day sandwiches and snacks, weekend brunch or dinner, Harry's Cafe Bar can give you the choice.

NIGHT-TIME @ Harry’s - When the evening turns to night the atmosphere at Harry’s gets even better. Now open Friday and Saturday evenings
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Posted 20th May 2015 by PADDY MACConnoisseur: 35 reviews

Harrys is very deceptive from the outside and has some of the best breakfasts in Dun Laoghaire. The Big breakfast is superb, and very reasonable. We had 2 big breakfasts and tea, we left clean plates. The place looks a bit dull but the food speaks for its self

Posted 28th Sep 2014 by AWESOM_OFoodie: 10 reviews

I met my father here for breakfast before going to work. It's a usual spot for us, a cozy little joint in the heart of dun laoghaire and although some posters complain about the decor, I think it kind of adds to the place.. kind of shabby chic.
I had the french toast with maple syrup. Although this dish is supposed to come with bacon, I wasn't given the usual 'here's the annoying vegetarian' look when I asked for no bacon. A welcome change to be honest. The orange juice I was served tasted freshly squeezed, it was delicious. My father had 'Harry's big breakfast' (a full-irish breakfast) and he had no complaints.
My only problem is service was extremely slow, it took some time to get our order in and considering that the place wasn't that busy, the food took some time to arrive.
All in all though, I will return.. I enjoy breakfasts at Harrys.

Posted 3rd Jun 2014 by SHARON.M.BEGLEYFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Very disappointing, basic food

Posted 30th Jul 2013 by MARY.HOMANFirst Timer: 1 reviews

My friend and I had a lovely meal, food was gorgeous and staff really nice and friendly. We would highly recommend it.

Posted 29th Jul 2013 by ELIZABETH5First Timer: 17 reviews

We were in Harry's Cafe 28/07...This place definitely needs refurbishment. Looks dirty and old. Service was ok. Food, the starter was too big, my partner had nachos and I had spicy chicken which was far from spicy. Nothing waooo. Main course arrived very fast.I had Fish with smash green leaves didn't rise my appetite at all. Hake was ok, I wish it had a nice lemon sauce and a bit seasoning on it and a fresh green salad, not those recognizable smash leaves. My partners chicken burger was so massive it could be enough for two..too much everything and was not spicy more tasteless and enjoyable. My partners desert was good he said it was the best chocolate brownie. My desert raspberry something....was not tasty at all. We will never go back there and they didn't say on menu pages that they do not serve any alcohol...We will not recommend to go for nice meal.

Posted 28th Jul 2013 by ICELAND8First Timer: 26 reviews

Enjoyed a lovely meal here on friday night only negative was that there was no childrens menu but besides that everything else was fine.

Posted 14th Jul 2013 by AUROCHSFREDFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Great music and good food ;)

Posted 6th Jul 2013 by MARIA.EGANFirst Timer: 2 reviews

I bought a voucher through menu pages for dinner. We had a very nice meal and the service was excellent, really pleasant staff. The food was good quality and the surroundings was fine. The only downside was that there was a special menu for diners with vouchers, this menu was very limited, with only a few optional available for each course, this was disappointing as I had eaten here before from the regular menu and this reduced version felt like a bit of a cheat.

Posted 30th Jun 2013 by BON26First Timer: 1 reviews

We enjoyed our visit to Harry's Bar and the food as always was very good and the staff very pleasant. I would go more frequently if the menu changed more often. The surroundings e.g toilets however could do with being refurbished, the floor re-sanded and the paintwork freshened up ( a general overhaul).

Posted 3rd Jun 2013 by CORINNEBAGNALLFirst Timer: 32 reviews

Came in off the street looking for Sunday lunch. Food was very nice and plentiful. Good price too.
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