Govindas Restaurant (Merrion Row)
18 Merrion Row, City Centre South, Dublin


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Govindas is located on Merrion Row and is known for serving only the most authentic, economically price vegetarian food steeped in Hare Krishna lore.

It serves delicious, nutritious, and filling food in a peaceful atmosphere with soothing Hare Krishna music. In this vegetarian café you have some tasty and varied choices that are always fresh. Favourite dishes are Panir cheese in tomato sauce, simply delicious and perfect for lunch.

Their organic spinach is grown on their farm in Fermanagh. They have a vegetable garden and two poly-tunnels producing fruit and veg. During the Summer months they use some of our own veg in their restaurants.
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Posted 31st Aug 2011 by SUPERFLYSISTERGuru: 31 reviews

This place serves real comfort food. I went in at lunch time. I ordered a small plate which was 6.95 and i got a little bit of everything. The food was piled high on my tiny plate. The staff were nice and the server gave me a glass of water without me asking which i always think is nice as they are not forcing you to spend extra money. There was a curry dish with broccili and chickpeas, there was a potato gratin dish, a tomato type dish, and some paneer (cheese made from whole milk - delish). There was a nice spice to the dishes but not too hot. I was stuffed for the afternoon, perhaps a bit too much food for lunch. This place has great variety, veggie and cheap food. You don't go here for atmosphere, it has a canteen feel to it. I will go back.

Posted 11th Mar 2011 by NEONGIRLFoodie: 5 reviews

Being a vegetarian and having heard it mentioned many times, I was really looking forward to trying Govinda's. We went for a lunch and I got the small special which is basically a small plate which they pile high with whatever dishes you choose. I really enjoyed having a variety as vegetarians can be pretty limited in other restaurants. In saying that, as my dining companion noted, all of the dishes tasted very similar. In face, even though I had a bit of everything, it all tasted pretty similar. Still tasty though! It was very quiet on the day we were there so atmosphere was pretty much non-existent. Staff were very nice though and our coffees were served to our table even though it's more of a self-service type set-up. Overall, it's probably worth a visit, especially for vegetarians.

Posted 15th Jan 2011 by PDLARSENGuru: 44 reviews

I went to Govinda's today for a quick lunch before heading over to the Natural History Museum (aka, the Victorian house of stuffed beasts). It was quiet in the restaurant, so we were served immediately. We ordered two "small specials" which would be more aptly named the "enormous special". It started off as a plate of rice, which then had dal, chickpea and cauliflower, pasta bake, a potato curry dish and a paneer curry dish piled on top. One of these would have been enough for the two of us, so with two and a samosa we had a bit leftover. In addition to the quantity, the food was of an extremely high quality. The samosa was clearly homemade, and was baked rather than fried. The gentleman who served us was cheerful and accommodating. At 6.95 for the small special plate, Govinda's is truly a great value. Will definitely return, and hopefully soon.

Posted 4th Jul 2010 by OH!FORTHELOVEOFFOODGuru: 75 reviews

Amazing food!

Its all self-service and so there is no long wait usually (unless you order the chapatis or some such) for a plate of fabulously, wholesome food.

The staple dal, rice, and paneer dish rock- some of their daily specials can be a bit odd. The drinks and the desserts are slightly over-priced in comparison to everything else they have in there but such great value all in all.

I tend to get a takeaway of the €7 plate with a bit of everything on a regular basis- hot food that cheap and healthy is a rarity in this city!

Posted 24th Feb 2010 by SHINEYBConnoisseur: 12 reviews

Great food at such reasonable prices, only €6.95 for a small plate piled high with very tasty vegetarian food. Service is also very good with the guys alwyas willing to give you a full description of what everything is.

Posted 11th Feb 2010 by SARAHKConnoisseur: 18 reviews

I love Govindas. I go there for lunch regularly and get the small special for €6.95. This consists of a plate piled high with really tasty vegetarian food (great even for a meat lover like me) and as much salad as you like.

It's a small cheerful place without table service, but the staff are really friendly.

Posted 20th Nov 2009 by MICHELLEVASSNewbie: 4 reviews

I have gotten takeaways twice for lunch from Govindas. Today being the second time. I felt like something warm, healthy and comforting and opted for the Vegan meal (as I am dairy intolerant so thought this would be the best option). I received a large portion of rice and two different vegetable curries. I got back to the office and scoffed it down. Both times the food has been delicious and there is something very comforting about it also. Will be a regular lunch choice for me.

Posted 22nd Oct 2009 by LOULOVESFOODGuru: 80 reviews

I usually go to the Govinda's on Aungier Street but was meeting my friend after work and this branch was nearer.

Food was lovely and affordable, as usual but the portions were a little mean.

Still, we enjoyed our food a lot, can't argue with the price

Posted 25th Sep 2009 by ASHY84Guru: 49 reviews

As a vegetarian, I am a huge fan of Govindas. It is affordable and you get to try everything there is for under €7 in this branch. They also do great lassis and indian desserts.The atmosphere is very relaxed and the staff is very friendly. Great place for a quick meal while shopping/before going to the cinema, etc.

Posted 25th Sep 2009 by RSGEGuru: 58 reviews

I love every Govindas! The food is so delicious, even my friends who prefer to eat meat love the food here. The paneer and tofu dishes are cooked in flavoursome sauces with rice (subji) and you get a huge portion for your money and get a variety on your plate. The smoothies are quite heavy but still nice (mango) and they also do lovely samosas. I've never tried a pizza here yet but I'm going to the next time! It's just somewhere really convenient to go where you're always guaranteed nice food with a smile and if you're a vegetarian or vegan. It's cheap, cheerful and very wholesome indeed. Sometimes it's a little confusing when you've never been there before but the staff are happy to explain what the dishes are on offer at the counter.
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