Fontana Cafe Restaurant
21 Camden Street Lower, City Centre South, Dublin


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Posted 31st May 2016 by LAKEBMO35334598First Timer: 1 reviews

I was today in Fontana coffee the staff greeting was very bad .specialy from waiter he looks like gay.i use to go thier all the time but not anymoor now

Posted 31st Jan 2016 by MCGINLEY.SEANA67534016First Timer: 1 reviews

We have been there a few times and what we would note is that the food is good the coffee is good and the price is very reasonable compared to other cafes around Camden street. I always have the pizza which is actually excellent. The first time I had it I wasn't holding out much hope and was very presently surprised when it arrived. Some of the staff are very nice, especially a young Brasilian girl. Some of the staff are not so charming but it is nothing terrible. Anyway we will continue to go there because the food you get for the money you pay is excellent.

Posted 28th Apr 2014 by LILDEVILFoodie: 28 reviews

Ate here with my girlfriend on a Thursday afternoon and there was a few bodies in the café but there was no atmosphere whatsoever. I had the steak sandwich which at €6.95 was good value but the hand cut chips served with it weren't great at all. My gf had the soup which was meant to carrot and coconut but there was no evidence of any coconut. Overall it was an ok lunch but nothing special.

Posted 18th Mar 2014 by JB37Guru: 55 reviews

Went here for lunch recently.

Had a pizza. It was average enough. Staff not overly attentive. Nothing special.

Posted 29th Aug 2013 by JULIARNewbie: 18 reviews

Ive been here a few times for lunch with my mam now. They have a great deal on where you get either soup and bread, tea or coffee free with any lunch. I have tried a couple of sandwiches which are all very tasty but I highly recommend their salad selection. Great portion size, fresh produce and lovely presentation. The staff are very friendly and are very good at looking after you. the seats can be cramped together at lunch time but it`s a sign of good business. I will continue to recommend here as a lunch option.

Posted 26th Jul 2013 by DEVLFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Do yourself a favour and stay away. Two of us ordered breakfast which came out ten minutes apart. The first breakfast of scrambled eggs was poor, rubbery eggs and withered looking sausages. After eventually getting cultery, which the waitress cleaned by rubbing her hand along it, we had to ask for more cutlery and napkins. The toast that was to come with the breakfast never appeared. The second breakfast had to be sent back as the toast was like a brick. Very poor and slow service. The only minor saving grace is that the poor girl serving us recognised how bad the service/quality was a only charged us for one breakfast. However, will never be back. Really surprised this place is managing to stay open.

Posted 17th Jun 2013 by GERI-ANNFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Our experience in the Fontana was a unique one and not in a good way.
Firstly we ordered breakfast which had what was suppose to be crispy bacon but as I can only describe as a soggy dog treat, then the sausages were a strong tasting meat that in my opinion could not be classed as pork, the hash browns were soaked in grease and the mushrooms were rubbery. The only really edible thing was the toast. My sister was lucky as her food wasn't even given to her as they forgot her order. Then to finish it off a strawberry and orange juice had a staple, yes a staple in it that came up through the straw. Between dirty delph, horrible food and unsanitary toilets its a wonder to me how this premises is even open.

Posted 31st May 2013 by JIMMYIRELANDFirst Timer: 1 reviews

I bought a cream cake in Fontana, the service was really slow, the guy serving me went and served other people as I waited at counter, then he took 5 minutes to assemble the box for the cake, all the while the cream cake was not in any kind of cooler, when I ate the cake less than 5 mins later, the cream was gone off and curdled, absolutely disgusting and unsafe. Avoid, avoid, avoid.
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