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CHQ Building, IFSC, Dublin


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Situated on Dublin's waterfront in the bustling IFSC, the Custom House Quay building was the choice for ely's second venue.

At ely bar & brasserie our guests can choose from a list of over 400 wines and enjoy wonderful continental cuisine.

When our guests walk into our stunning vaulted wine cellars there's a real sense of taking a step back in time. We have restored the vaults and created a relaxed lounging area with two private dining rooms for private functions and wine tastings.

In contrast, the impressive glass-walled Atrium Bar upstairs has its own oyster bar, and serves beers, spirits, cocktails and wines while the heated, waterside patio allows for atmospheric dining al fresco.
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Posted 10th Nov 2018 by FAIRLADYNewbie: 4 reviews

It is a long time since I have encountered such surly staff - apart from the lady on the front desk. I asked for a slice of the advertised Guinness bread and the waiter responded 'soda bread', telling me they were one and the same! We were an age waiting to be served, which is never convenient at lunchtime. There was no 'please' or 'thank you' when it came to pay the bill. The venue was freezing. It was a much different experience to an evening some time earlier in the Ely Place branch, and I shall not return.

Posted 21st Sep 2017 by TSWEETGuru: 30 reviews

Enjoyed the food here - salmon starter and Thai curry main - both v delicious and filling. The restaurant was uncomfortably warm however and we left before dessert. The service wasn't great either - we had 4 different servers. There seemed to be confusion - we were asked would we like to see the dessert menu before we got our mains. We waited for 10 minutes for a steak knife when the mains did arrive (my other half had steak - tasty). And when we were leaving it took a while to get the cheque and when it arrived, we charged full price for our dishes despite ordering from the early bird. Not completely out off, but reluctant to go back.

Posted 13th Nov 2016 by GRAINNEKIERAN7First Timer: 2 reviews

Atmosphere e amazing steaks only ok and very overpriced. Will not be going back

Posted 20th Nov 2015 by EP88786877First Timer: 2 reviews

I am a regular customer in Ely and have always found the service excellent, particularly the hostess and the staff in the restaurant downstairs. I had a very different experience in the bar tonight. Huge delays on our food and drink, we were fairly easy going about it and waited a while to follow up to give the benefit of the doubt but the attitude from the manager when we asked about the delay (for a second time) was terrible, he was arrogant and and made us feel like we were being unreasonable, no apology for the delay and he denied he even took our drinks order. Very unprofessional. It's a shame that a manager would show such poor customer service to three regular customers but I'm glad to say that his behaviour does not reflect the many great staff I have dealt with in Ely over the years.

Posted 20th Nov 2015 by EP88786877First Timer: 2 reviews

I am a frequent customer at ely chq and would generally rate the service very highly, particularly the hostess at the door and the restaurant staff downstairs. Tonight however was a very different experience in the bar. Three of us ordered some Bar food at the same time - one meal arrived as normal but no sign off the rest. We gave the benefit of the doubt and didn't follow up for 15 mins, when we diid we were told the order had not been placed but we were assured by the manager it was now on it's way at no charge which we certainly hadn't expected. We were asked if we wanted to order another drink and did so. Another 15 minutes passed and no drinks and no food, we reordered our drink but still nothing. The manager came over to us as though we were clearly just a nuisance to him and said the food was still being prepared, when we asked if we could get our drinks order he denied we had ordered at all, walked away and was very arrogant about the whole thing. Whatever about athe delay, not great but we could live with that but the attitude was completely unacceptable. We cut our losses at that stage, paid our bill and left. He was just as charming at that point as though the poor service was our fault. I would stress that this is the first negative customer service experience I've had in Ely and most of the staff are fantastic, it's a shame that a manager demonstrated such a lack of customer service and respect to three regular customers.

Posted 16th Sep 2015 by FOODIEBOYZNewbie: 33 reviews

I dined here on Saturday night to celebrate my wedding anniversary. We were served by a very charming and attentive young French waiter who brought us beautiful food and wine which we had ordered. It was a fantastic night and though I have been to Ely before I always find the downstairs dining area amazing with its vaulted stone ceilings. I'll be back again for sure ! Love you Ely.

Posted 28th Jul 2015 by CLFCGuru: 41 reviews

I took my mam, dad & grandmother before a show in Bord Gais. My grandmother is in a wheelchair and before we even got through the door, the lovely staff could not do enough for us, clearing the path and finding us a suitable table with plenty of room. I had a goats cheese starter that was excellent. My dad said his burger was the best he ever had. Lovely restaurant/pub with great staff and tasty food. Well worth a visit!

Posted 1st Jul 2015 by BERNFirst Timer: 15 reviews

We went to this Resaurant a few weeks ago with a voucher but we were in the wrong Ely! the manager and staff couly not have been any nicer or discreat. I think the managers name was Eoin and he said he wopuld honor the voucher and he would sort it out with the back office. We had a beautiful meal and a lovely night. Thank you to all the staff. Bernadettte

Posted 31st Mar 2015 by OH!FORTHELOVEOFFOODGuru: 75 reviews

I love Ely, especially the original one and the one they had in GCQ. However, this one left me a little bit short.

For starters, it's decor is a little less inviting and very cold. The drinks were grand, the lack of marshmallows in hot chocolate a little disappointing but doable. What surprised me were the prices for 2 dishes we ordered- the nuts for €3.50 (wasn't by choice- was more cos they couldn't offer us anything else at the time!) and the chocolate dessert for €12.50 (more expensive than the tapas courses we ordered!).

The service was absolutely excellent though and if one is to avoid those 2 dishes and not care about the cold feel decor upstairs (downstairs are very cosy!), definitely a good place for a glass of wine and a small bite!

Posted 22nd Feb 2015 by GARBHANGuru: 70 reviews

I have eaten here before and it has always been quite good but this time it was quite different. I cannot praise the staff enough. They looked after us so well but the food was a huge let down. Two of us ordered Rack of Lamb. I have never seen anything like them before. They had about two bites of lean meat in total and the rest was pure fat. I really don't know how the chef would let these plates leave the kitchen. The rib eye steak was just ok, a little chewy. None of us enjoyed the food so won't be rushing back.
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