Eddie Rockets (Stillorgan)
Stillorgan Shopping Centre, Stillorgan, Dublin


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Posted 8th Aug 2017 by DESFirst Timer: 118 reviews

I dined yesterday in your Stillorgan branch (also regularly dine in Blackrock). To my horror when making my order I was informed that my choice of burger had been removed abruptly from the menu. I’m originally from the midlands, but most of my relations hail from Dublin. I remember my first Eddie Rocket’s experience in the Terenure branch when I was around 12 years old. I instantly loved the vibe of Eddie Rocket’s; the 50/60s music, the booths, the staff, but most of all the Atomic Burger. I literally have never deviated from my burger choice since my first experience all those years ago (now 34 years old) with the exception when dining in Flash Harry’s or Rocket’s. That’s a lot of atomic burgers! To say I am stunned is an understatement. My friend said I went pale when the nice waiter informed me of the menu change; still can’t understand the change. Chipotle is a FAD and will never replace a true classic like the atomic (hot buns or no hot buns).

This email may seem glib, but it’s upsetting to realise that there’s a high potential that I will never have my beloved atomic delight again. There are not many things in life that give me guaranteed joy, but the atomic burger was one of them. I always left Eddie Rocket’s happy, today I left sad, angry, and confused.
Yours faithfully,

Posted 25th Mar 2014 by MAGDALENA.NALEWAJK10415567First Timer: 1 reviews

I ordered a burger with pineapple and fries and onion rings.The onion rings are very good, crunchy and fresh. The fries were undercooked, bright and no crisp. All the extras in the burger were fresh, but the meat was overcooked. Very Bad. Bad texture, not resembling the burger. The service was average. Waitresses very nice. The waiter too loud.

Posted 27th Sep 2013 by AUSSIEFOODIEGuru: 48 reviews

What a great family friendly place this is.

We enjoyed the casual fun atmosphere and great service.

The meals were very generous in size, and very tasty. Appreciated the nutritional notes against meals, and that there is a lot of choice too.

It's a fun, cheap night out with the kids.

Posted 16th May 2013 by JB37Guru: 55 reviews

Stopped in her for desserts recently with a friend. I usually enjoy Eddie Rockets, it consistant decent tasty no nonsense grub. I had a chocolate sundae which I thoroughly enjoed amd my friend had a fruit sundae again which he felt was very good. Overall we were happy with the visit. Staff are friendly and atmosphere is busy and fun. In the past I have enjoyed the onion rings and would also recommend those. Burgers are fine too.

Posted 24th May 2012 by MISSY1986Guru: 30 reviews

Nice food!!! Really nice staff!!!! Would never log on just to review a diner but i had a really nice experience here thanks to nice staff. Horrible toilets though :(

Posted 27th Feb 2012 by NATHANCLKFoodie: 11 reviews

A sure pick for me time and time again when looking for "fast food". The front of house is a great man all together, full of joy and sings along to the music while making sure everyone is seated and happy. I had the double smokestack and combo which for an extra €3 you get fries and a drink, about time eddy empty pockets had some sort of deal, and never seems to fail. A whopper of a burger with all the trimmings. I find the other Eddie Rockets outlets don't have the same buzz as Stillorgan and in particular Blackrock were your welcome with closed cold arms.

Posted 6th Sep 2011 by SURFDREAMERGuru: 37 reviews

I am a frequent visitor to Eddie Rockets and even more so since I went on the low carb diet as they have good salad options too and burger in a bowl. A bit disappointed on my last visit to discover they stopped doing coleslaw portions. I can only get a tiny little ramekin side now for €1. I'd prefer to pay the old price of €2.50 and have a whole portion. I always had this with my chicken fillet or bunless burger. Disappointed!

Posted 6th Aug 2011 by SHNOLLIENewbie: 6 reviews

Eddie rockets would normally be one of the last places to go and visit just ahead of mac donalds but hunger took over so me and my partner went for a burger. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the food and the service. We both had a burger, a milk shake and we shared some chicken wings. The service was prompt and the burger was pretty good so to be honest if I was that hungry again I would probably choose this over a few other fast food places in the surrounding area.

Posted 12th Apr 2011 by FRABELLEFoodie: 9 reviews

Eddie’s is great for a quick bite to eat – I had not been here for ages and liked the new menu and the red water cups! Had my favourite chili burger – The Atomic – and daughter had the chicken tenders. Both were delicious and the service was very efficient given that the place was full – we got the last booth. No room, unfortunately, for one of their chocolate milkshakes. 10/10.

Posted 9th Mar 2011 by KYLE86First Timer: 2 reviews

I abso love eddie rockets and have been in this one numerous times. Recently i am finding the service is extremely slow. The food is still out in good time and is nice as always but the lack of service is really putting me off returning. Also the restaurant is usually very cold.
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