Da Neros Trattoria
Seamus Ennis Road (Above Xtra Vision) , Finglas, Dublin


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Italian restaurant De Nero's Trattoria boasts breakfast, lunch and la carte menus full of traditional dishes including everything from pasta and pizza to meatballs and steak. Inside the Finglas eatery, black and white furniture is complemented by a flash of green from the lighting and comfy wall sofa.
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Posted 23rd Aug 2016 by MARIEA-BARRY12843078First Timer: 1 reviews

My partner and I went for a meal Saturday to De Neros,
he had steak on stone I had pasta. Steak was lovely but my pasta was really bad. Only fish in it was 3 mussels and grey smoked fish ( really don't know what it was ). I told the waiter it was awful when he collected the plate, he said he would tell the chef. When we went to pay my partner said we should not be asked to pay for my dish as I did not eat it, he said and I quote " He believed his chef and that the pasta dish was good " so we paid, I would not argue with that kind of nonsense.
I would never eat there again, nor now will anyone I know.
As there were only 4 other people there on Saturday night, I would not think they can turn away any business, but when your chef knows more about grey fish than the customer I suppose you can be as choosy as you please.

Posted 13th Jun 2016 by TARAFARRELL62First Timer: 2 reviews

Very disappointed with this restaurant we arrived at 4.59pm We asked if we could eat of the lunch menu that closed at 5pm we where told no. I thought the rule was if you are seated before the menu deadline you should be offered that menu. The prosecco was good value but the overall meal was just average. I will not be returning here again

Posted 6th Dec 2015 by RESTAURANT-SPYNewbie: 31 reviews

After a long week at work we needed some good food and service so we came back to Da Neros. We chose off the Christmas menu. We both had the fish chowder for starters and we both had the lamb shank for mains and of course the Mumm bubbly to drink. The seafood chowder was delicious and the lamb shank was tender and tasty. Compliments to the chefs. They have the X Factor! Service was very efficient and very attentive, friendly, professional and welcoming fom the guy and girl waiters. So overall our favourite new place to eat and excellent food , service and price. And of course we'll be back.

Posted 29th Nov 2015 by RESTAURANT-SPYNewbie: 31 reviews

We went here for dinner on Halloween night before going to the Finglas Fright night up the road. Service and food was very good , and we had the Mumm champagne which was very good value for about 55euro . We'll be back as they have a good selection of food. And of course the bubbly.

Posted 11th Dec 2014 by JMPHOTODUBFirst Timer: 5 reviews

This was the second time I visited the restaurant. Same review applies for both.

Arrived on time for our sitting, the restaurant had less than 10 people in. When we said who we were, the staff rushed to set the area booked for our rather large party.

We were left standing by the door for 10 minutes while they set the table and laid out 5 semi deflated balloons and 2 banners for the birthday party we were there for.

When we were seated, we were left for a long time before the waiter who was quite pleasant asked if we wanted a drink. One member of our party asked did they serve Guinness. He was told yes and given a Can of Guinness and a Budweiser Glass. €5 i believe for the Can of Guinness. I don't care where you buy it but that is some serious markup with no service.

There were also a number of other drinks, bottles etc.

For Starter, the reports on taste and freshness were pretty good, I had Calamari, which was cooked well. The batter was nice. Completely unseasoned, salt and pepper supplied on the table for this though with the tiniest amount of salad I've ever seen and no lemon. The mayonnaise dip was nice. Im sure wherever its bought from will be happy the jar was fresh on opening.
Between first starter on table and last there was a pretty large gap time wise. Considering there was 11 of us and at this stage, 1 other table in the restaurant this wasn't great.

For mains, There was mostly pizzas. One girl, who ordered a Margarita Pizza, (Tomato Sauce and Cheese), Was left waiting on hers until everyone else was finished theirs. She was at one point told 3 minutes, but waited 15 minutes, having to eat from others plates. This despite 2 other customers in the restaurant at the time.

We didn't order desert.

This was the second time here for me and definately the last. Our part in the bill was €70 for 3 bottles of beer, 1 glass of wine, 2 Calamari, 2 pizzas.

Which for the overall standard was not worth it.

Posted 2nd Dec 2014 by LUVNIKIBABYNewbie: 7 reviews

I have been here a number of times with my husband, it is a lovely, homely restaurant with very friendly helpful staff and great deals. The food is very nice and there is a wide variety to choose from. I would recommend Da Nero's for a nice evening meal.

Posted 18th Nov 2014 by JEWLIEANNNewbie: 5 reviews

Have had breakfast, lunch and dinner here and can't fault anything. The price is what keeps us coming back and the service is always great. Very good value steak on a stone and there are also great evening and weekend specials for the whole family. Overall a great little restaurant.

Posted 16th May 2014 by PICKYMCPOSHNOSHFirst Timer: 6 reviews

Unfortunately this place never seems to get busy, or buzzing. I've never seen it that way anyway. As a result the service is sometimes a little overbearing - quick to whip your plate away and multiple staff checking on on you. But the food is decent and good value and they do an excellent pizza.

Posted 8th Feb 2014 by ANDYPANDYConnoisseur: 17 reviews

Visited this restaurant a few years ago wasn't overly impressed then and sad to say my opinion hasn't changed much. Not many customers in for friday night, so wasn't much of an atmosphere. Had main course of fish (sea bass) which was very over cooked and potatoes served with it were very undercooked. It was very disappointing. Service was good though and staff were friendly however I was very disappointed with food, a revisit is very unlikely.

Posted 1st Jul 2013 by RAIECAFFREYFirst Timer: 7 reviews

When we ordered our main coarse of sliced beef in sauce, it said it came on a bed of pasta with garlic bread, the waiter asked if we would like a side order so we ordered chips, he never said if you ordered chips you didn't get the pasta and garlic, a big disappointment when the meal was brought out, looked very small on the plate.
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