Chez Sara Wine Bar
3 Old Street, Malahide, Dublin


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Malahide Village is a fantastic place to spend a night out. There is a great choice of places to eat and drink to suit your desires.

In the heart of this fabulous seaside town you can find Chez Sara Wine Bar & Restaurant. The best eatery around that is worth a visit.
This little hidden gem situated at 3 Old Street, Malahide opened its door 13 years ago but only recently the new Chef/Owner Max Usai took over & brought along his more than 20 years of chef experience & expertise.
He kept the style of a Vintage French Style Bistro but he took it to a different level.
As soon as you walk in the door you are given a friendly Welcome and get a relaxing Holiday feeling.
The staff are friendly & attentive and Max is cooking away in front of you always happy to accommodate your requests.
Chez Sara is a casual, charming & intimate Wine Bar & Restaurant offering a high quality of stake & sea food cooked with a Mediterranean flare. The ingredients are locally sourced. The Menu is broad & there is enough to chose from. The Wine List is large & interesting, ideal for any wine lover! You can find a fantastic selection of European Wine with an emphasis on French, Italian & some excellent New World Wines as well.
Chez Sara is an ideal place for any occasion like a romantic dinner, a family gathering, girls gathering, corporate event or special celebration.
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Posted 12th Mar 2018 by CCFirst Timer: 1 reviews

An amazing experience at Chez Sara last night. Second time there, this time with family and awkward teenagers and all went home sated and happy. The best value and the best food in Malahide. Thank you, Max, and all your staff. We'll be back!

Posted 27th Jan 2018 by GUINNESSMANGuru: 81 reviews

Unique food at a very high standard. The Chef Max makes a point of visiting each table in this small restaurant.
I was impressed with the Irish Coffee to finish the night (still a small bit of room for improvement)
The waitresses are very knowledgeable on the food and particularly the specials.
It is not the cheapest night but great value for money.
Looking forward to returning very soon.

Posted 1st Nov 2016 by TRUE BLEUNewbie: 7 reviews

This is a small (some say cramped but I say atmospheric) restaurant with wonderful food, thoughtful service and a lovely wine list. With an allergy to contend with our host went out of his way to make ours a great night and clean plates all round proves this really is the hidden gem of Malahide.

Posted 14th Jul 2016 by TOMMYTOMTOM77First Timer: 1 reviews

food unreal

Posted 20th Apr 2016 by SDOHERTYFirst Timer: 2 reviews

Chez Sara is my favourite restaurant but i was disappointed on returning after some time last week.
The food was still amazing however we were seated at the back of the restaurant (new corridor like area) that did not resemble the quaint cosy Chez Sara i know. I was freezing sitting here and there was no atmosphere whatsoever. We would usually sit here for 2 hrs enjoying the atmosphere, this time around we were in and out in 50 mins! Next time i will ensure i am sitting at the front of the restaurant.

Posted 23rd Jul 2015 by DGAFFNEY40521474First Timer: 1 reviews

I have to agree with the previous reviewer, standards at Chez Sara have dropped considerably. Rubbery calamari for starters, mussels described as cooked in a creamy white wine sauce were instead presented in a watery vegetable broth. While the meat in the duck confit was ok the skin was greasy and flabby ( it should of course be crisp and dry) and the whole plate was swimming in grease. The HAND ??cut chips which I requested as a replacement for the mashed potatoes billed to accompany the duck were good but wasn't I lucky?nImagine mashed potatoes swimming in grease.nOur waitress was very attentive and obliging, she secured a replacement bowl of mussels this time with a spicy tomato sauce which seemed to my partner to be acceptable. No desserts. Such a pity as Chez Sara used to be one of my favourite restaurants in Malahide.

Posted 21st Jul 2015 by JOLDOLFoodie: 18 reviews

3 of visited here at 19:30 and first surprise was how empty the restaurant was. On leaving we were no longer surpised. For starters we had a mains portion of the calamari and starter portion of wings. I'd hate for the claamari to have been my main course, there wasn't many of them and they were of a poor quality just like straight from a packet !!. Fish and chips fo rmains were alright nothing to write home about and the chicken pasta was deemed to be fine. Desserts were another matter entirely the chocolate fondant was cold, the centre was just like a brick so obviously straight form fridge and not heated properly. The tart tatin was just obnoxious - a slimy piece of pastry which again looked completely uncooked and apples that quite frankly had no resemblance to apples in either taste or appearance. There followed a debate about the fact I had a gift voucher and the restaurant apparently had changed hands. The only redeeming feature of the night was the two waitresses were excellent, attentive and friendly but they were so let down by the food. Obviously the change of ownership hasn't done Chez Sara any favours and it really wasn't surprising that as we were leaving there were still only two other people in the restaurant. One to avoid methinks.

Posted 1st Jul 2015 by KIKIDIDIFirst Timer: 2 reviews

Had been here years before with family and loved it. This time around it wasn't as amazing as I had remembered.
I got scallops to start and there was only 2 scallops for something like €14 or boyfriend got steak and he said it was lovely.I got veal escalope for my main course and it really was not good. It tasted slimy and the sauce, which was creamy, added to that slimy texture. The wine was nice and dessert was good (chocolate fondant, can't go wrong really). Overall, it was an ok meal.

Posted 14th Mar 2015 by RENAKENNEDY1First Timer: 2 reviews

Really enjoyed our first visit will definitely be back. Lovely atmosphere excellent food very friendly staff

Posted 13th Oct 2014 by TRUE BLEUNewbie: 7 reviews

When deciding to meet up with some friends wanting to have a quiet corner to chat in Chez Sara sprang to mind and we had a table for four in the back room. The location is tight and cosy but packed full of character, the table made of old wine boxes a novel idea. Often when eating with good friends we lose focus of the food but not this time, 3 courses and 4 people gave way to 12 spotless plates! Including a bottle of wine and a few beers the bill was just shy of €190 for 4.
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