Charming Noodles
105 Parnell Street, City Centre North, Dublin


Asian Fusion
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Chinese food has a long history.
Our goals are to be the best in noodles and Chinese food making, and to be the best restaurant in Ireland.
We believe we will bring you the widest and the best choice of noodles and other Chinese dishes.
Our menu includes: Soup Noodles, Chow Mein, Noodle Mix (warm or cold), and other Chinese stir-fry dishes.
This menu is suitable for vegetarians and could be made as gluten free dishes at our customer's request.
The quiet and comfortable environment of Charming Noodles is an ideal place for friends, business meetings or other parties.
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Posted 26th Sep 2015 by EMUL8TER25Newbie: 7 reviews

I was a regular at Charming Noodles but no more. I will say the food is good but the service is the worst I have ever experienced. nnNormally I went here with a Chinese colleague for lunch and she would order from the Chinese menu. The prices are different between the English and Chinese menu. Last time I went I was without my Chinese friend. They would not allow me to order from the Chinese menu and insisted I pay the higher price. I pointed out to them that it is illegal to charge different prices based on race. They still would not give me the "Chinese" price. This is how they treat a customer that eats there on a weekly basis. nnI will never go back, and I will spread word about their illegal discrimination as best I can. I am also considering filling a report with the Garda.

Posted 31st Mar 2015 by EMMA.L.CAULFIELDFirst Timer: 3 reviews

We used to come here quite regularly a few years back but sadly i feel the restaurant now cuts too many corners in terms of the quality of their food and the heating. The restaurant is absolutely freezing.Everyone eating there had their coats on.My friend visited 2 months ago and said exactly the same thing so it is obviously not something that they are working on!We had spring rolls and prawns to start both of which were totally bland and untasty.Our mains were chicken in black bean sauce with boiled rice which was good.My husband had salt & chilli chicken which was also good but some of which was dripping in grease.Sadly i cannot see us returning to what was once one of our favourite asian restaurants in town.

Posted 25th Mar 2015 by CAOIMHENIBFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Tasty food in simple surroundings.

Posted 1st Mar 2015 by SOPPITT: 2 reviews

A decent meal, fairly priced. Let down a bit by ambience (incl. low temperature).

Posted 2nd Feb 2015 by JOHN_FEEHANFirst Timer: 4 reviews

The restaurant was very cold, but the food is good for the price paid.

Posted 2nd Feb 2015 by POREGANFirst Timer: 2 reviews

I went with a voucher very good value, food good and large portions, only disappointment was that the restaurant was cold no proper heating, very little atmosphere, needs some curtains soft lighting etc.

Posted 26th Jan 2015 by SIXXGuru: 75 reviews

Went here on a menupages deal and it was great. First off the voucher was such good value. The glasses of wine were way above the average amount and the food portions were great sizes. I found the staff quite friendly and the food tasted pretty good. The only thing that I found a little weird was when you use the bathroom, there's a sign saying not to put any toilet paper in the toilet. They should really get that sorted out!

Posted 20th Jan 2015 by ANNEANDGERRYFirst Timer: 1 reviews

best thing about this meal was the starter and wine main course awful will not be back

Posted 11th Jan 2015 by RACHELDUGGAN3First Timer: 2 reviews

The food was delicious, the staff very nice.

Posted 5th Jan 2015 by ANNADYB94First Timer: 3 reviews

We booked a deal from MenuPages, 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 drinks for 20e so good value for money. However, staff were not very helpful, didn't seem interested in serving us. Food was served quickly but didn't like it. We had a fried king prawn and shredded pork for starters. The Prawn had the head on it and wasn't washed well as I could taste the sea flavour, the pork was chewy. Then we had curry noodles and signapore noodles, both were not too nice.
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