Cafe Bar H
Grand Canal Plaza, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin


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Cafe H is the perfect spot to enjoy Mediterranean food, a coffee or lunch during the day, a pre or post theatre drink & quick bite or perfect for catching up with friends in a buzzy and informal atmosphere. The extensive outside heated terrace alongside the canal and the plaza has a real continental feel which will transport you to Seville or Barcelona!
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Posted 10th Apr 2017 by PMCRANNFirst Timer: 7 reviews

Bit cramped but food is good.

Posted 29th May 2016 by SWADEFirst Timer: 5 reviews

No service whatsoever. We waited 5 mins before we proceeded to find our own table. When we sat down we waited ten minutes before we had to ask for menus. There appeared to be only one person serving. There was a one guy working the bar and a woman who we could not work out her role but spent the time on the phone laughing and not acknowledge a part of four waiting to eat. nnWe were continually ignored for another 20 minutes before we got up and left and went to The Market!

Posted 20th May 2016 by JEWELSConnoisseur: 41 reviews

great food and atmosphere in Café H, service quick and friendly staff, perfect pre theatre menu, enjoyed it and will definitely return

Posted 24th Apr 2016 by MOCALLAGHAN400013337757First Timer: 1 reviews

When booking Requested table away from toilets, seated at table right beside toilets, queried it and told 'nobody really uses toilets' . Tables closely packed, other customers bumped into chair constantly, burgers pallid and unappetising looking, really Not enjoyable experience, don't intend to return

Posted 15th Mar 2016 by TANYA_NUGENT18637487First Timer: 1 reviews

Fantastic food, wonderfully attentive staff, great decor. Would highly recommend this place. The chicken wings are A++

Posted 5th Mar 2016 by CETCH20First Timer: 1 reviews

Great service, great food, great atmosphere. Only criticism would be that tables are too close together...obstacle course to visit the bathroom...

Posted 7th Feb 2016 by MARTINCLEARY123First Timer: 2 reviews

Tables very crowded together even our waitress had problems getting to our table. otherwise excellent

Posted 16th Dec 2015 by TRIXIE-BELLEFirst Timer: 1 reviews

This was our 2nd visit here this year and we were not disappointed. Staff are very friendly, service was great and food was very tasty. We were even compensated for having to move table with two free deserts, we weren't expecting this at all as we had finished our meal and were just finishing off drinks, so this was really appreciated and a very nice gesture from the staff.

Posted 10th Oct 2015 by MAICHRISFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Nice enough food, great atmosphere

Posted 2nd Apr 2015 by MOIRADEFALCOFirst Timer: 27 reviews

i was there for a friends birthday on 21st march. my friend booked a table for 8 people and 4 kids over the ph and spoke to the female woman working there during the week. my female friend specifically asked if they accepted bookings with kids and explained that we were going to celebrate a birthday and would have not have been having dinner but simply caffe/teas etc. she was adamant in making sure the place was aware of kids being there and us not eating in- to which she was told sure, no problem at all. time was set at 3pm. i arrived at 3.10pm and found my 2 friends with 2 of the kids aggravated and having a discussion with a waiter and then this lady, the owner (whom my friend spoke on the phone with ) showing them a little round table by the entrance (you could only fit 2 adults and 1/2 kids max). my friends were told there was a misunderstanding with the booking as the cafe staff thought we were having dinner (excuse me !! not at 3pm- maybe at 6pm, but not 3pm for sure) plus my friends told this lady twice that we were having coffee/teas etc.anyway, even though there was only an occupied table with 5-6 women having brunch in the eating area at the time- they left after like 40min after we arrived (maybe another 3/4 people were instead on the other side of the cafe watching the rugby match)...we were given tables in between the 2 toilets doors (the waiter actually pointed it out as didnt notice the side sign)...2 single tables had the reserved sign on them, but the rest of the squared tables by the windows were completely free until we were forced by this lady, then i discovered she was actually the owner (totally lacking customer service and people skills ) to leave at 5pm...anyhow, after having the cake and coffees etc I asked her if i could get more water (bringing jars to the bar mmyself, also cleaning the tables from cups, plates myself etc!!!) - i was reminded by this lady that we however had to leave in 10min time. -to which i turned to my friend in astonishment as it wasnt even 5pm yet (he was the one celebrating the birthday) and he said to just leave it, not worth getting into an argument with people like this. he would have paid for the bill and just left because it was the most ridiculous and obnoxious behavior ever. we paid for the bill- but did not once believed would have been treated this way. when we left at 16.56 (because we were told we had to!) only 3 women were actually in the eating area and sitting around a round table. all the other squared tables were still totally empty at the time we left this cafe (this means that we could have been accommodated to the ones by the windows (as no Reserved sign on- so it means they were free but were instead given the ones next to the toilets- not ideal, right? with people coming in and out and the related smell....). so the cafe staff had plenty of room for us but looks as didnt care to offer a better location to people with kids. it looks as according to Cafe H its ok to let kids sits in between toilets doors even though the whole restaurant is almost empty. never -back-there-ever-ever-ever- again. no kids oriented at all. bad experience for sure!!
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