Base Wood Fired Pizza
Terenure Road East, Terenure, Dublin


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Base Wood pride themselves on creating delicious contemporary pizza in a homely Italian atmosphere. Fresh ingredients are sourced locally, and the necessary authentic Italian ones are brought straight over from Naples to ensure the highest quality of Italian pizza. Enjoy top quality Italian food and an excellent dining experience here. The staff are well-known for their friendliness, always creating and sustaining a special atmosphere in the restaurant.
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Posted 16th Apr 2015 by MORELANDDYLANFirst Timer: 62 reviews

Amazing wood fired pizzas opted for a Pepperoni Pizza packed with flavour lovely crust. Them a vegetarian pizza nice but veg was definitely in balsamic especially the aubergines and not fresh which was a little disappointing

Posted 3rd Dec 2014 by GAFF_SWEGuru: 35 reviews

Excellent pizzas. Beyond that there really isn't that much to say in all fairness as it's a takeaway and not much time is spent taking in the atmosphere. Service on the phone has been good.

Posted 16th Oct 2014 by CATHERINE VFirst Timer: 26 reviews

Superb tasting pizza - best for takeaway in the area.

Posted 27th Sep 2013 by CELTICHARPFirst Timer: 2 reviews

Absolutely disgraceful service, we placed an order for delivery at 6:45pm and the delivery person shows up at 8:30pm. not worth the cash for that trash

Posted 31st Aug 2013 by SANJAYGuru: 35 reviews

Ordered delivery so can't comment on the physical restaurant.

Pizza was delivered promptly. I ordered the sicilian.

Base was not too thin, tomato sauce was yummy. Toppings perfectly balanced between the cheese, rocket and sundried tomatoes. Delicious!

The only thing I'd fault the restaurant for, is the lady who took the order was obnoxious. I actually thought about cancelling the order. Thankfully I didn't. Management - speak to the staff who take the orders please.

Posted 20th Jan 2013 by FINTDOHFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Called for a delivery and I found the girl on the phone awful. She came across, unfriendly, uncommunicative and superior. Restaurants can never recover in my eyes after this kind of service. Having said that the delivery guy was a nice, polite guy.
The pizza was excellent & as good as I've had in Dublin, miles ahead of of any of the big chains. Not cheap but I guess you get what you pay for. Ceasar Salad was fairly decent.

Posted 12th Jul 2009 by BAM139Guru: 22 reviews

Much tastier and healthier than the chain pizza delivery companies. We went for a tropical pizza and goats cheese salad. The pizza was the best we have had in ages, possibly the best in dublin! The pizzas are dearer (12/13eur - 16/17eur) but well worth it. Staff are friendly and the place is clean and busy.

Posted 8th Jul 2009 by MSTACEYConnoisseur: 15 reviews

The best pizza in Dublin, in my view - and I've sampled a few. This outlet is really tastefully designed and the warm Italian-style wood oven dominates lending the place a very authentic and welcoming feel. Most importantly, the pizzas are superb; made with fresh ingredients and thoughtfully put together in winning combiations so much so that it was hard to decide on one! We got our pizza - the vegetarian, wonderfully flavoursome - delivered to the house for a special occasion and they did not disappoint. The first thing I noticed was how helpful and couteous the staff are in taking the order over the phone and they were more than happy to answer my queries. The pizza arrived very promptly - the only quibble we had was that the pizza had lost heat in transit and was a bit on the cold side. Hopefully that can be improved on. The side salad was delicious - again, every ingredient was fresh and there was a range to choose from. You pay a bit more for these pizzas it is true but they are very much worth it; fresh and reliable. We'll definitely be indulging in a woodfired pizza again. Top marks.
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