Bagots Hutton
6 Upper Ormond Quay, City Centre South, Dublin


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Bagots Hutton is located on Ormond quay with views of the river Liffey on it’s doorstep, just a stone's throw away from Temple bar. It’s a space that is versatile in nature, a restaurant one moment, an eclectic venue the next. It is a space that moves away from the established idea of a traditional restaurant creating a different atmosphere for eating and socialising. Bagots Hutton Restaurant hosts an extensive wine list, a delectable European menu that includes tapas style dishes such as antipasti's, cheese plates, meat plates, crostini's and salads perfect for sharing. The service provides a relaxed and casual dining experience, with their attentive staff there to look after your every need. Their dishes are inspired fresh seasonal food and complimentary wine pairing.
This is a great spot to suit any occasion, with a seating capacity of 120.
Open for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner and a special Jazz brunch at the weekends.
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Posted 26th Nov 2017 by ROISIN8935258564First Timer: 1 reviews

Opening hours are not consistent with what is advertised. The online booking system is ignored.

Posted 20th Sep 2017 by KATE45211259First Timer: 3 reviews

The first time we went, it was for dinner. We didn't book but were seated downstairs after a few minutes. We had the lentil and bacon soup for starter. It was well cooked and well seasoned. Then for the main we had veal and the lamb. Both were cooked well and the portions were perfect. Overall a good experience.
The second time we went, was for Sunday brunch. The restaurant was empty but it took over an hour for our food to arrive. By the time it arrived it was cold. the sauce was split and generally poor. When we complained the waiter took it off the bill and gave us free drinks.
Considering how good the first experience was we were very disappointing the second time around.

Posted 13th Aug 2017 by JACCORRIGAN81141432First Timer: 1 reviews

Worst dining experience I've had in a long time. Venue loo

Posted 8th Feb 2016 by DEBRISConnoisseur: 15 reviews

Aesthetically this places looks good but it's far too crowded, with tables crammed together making it a very uncomfortable dining experience. The acoustics are also terrible (not really their fault, but it's very hard to chat due to the noise).

The selection of food is decent and the starter was very good (Bresaola) however the pizza was abysmal. The taste was only so-so and the base was undercooked and doughy (as was my friends pizza). The pasta being served at the table next to us looked stodgy and small, though I can't comment on the taste.

Service was very patchy; having asked for water twice we eventually got up and got it ourselves. The diners next to us did likewise for black pepper. When the plates were eventually cleared from our mains we waited for the dessert menu. And waited. I finally asked for a dessert menu only to be told the they don't do desserts (!) despite there being a dessert menu on their website.

Overall: mediocre food, terrible service, and incredibly cramped environment. Not good enough to give a second chance.

Posted 11th Jan 2015 by MIAHAMMConnoisseur: 33 reviews

Had a lovely wine & the food. The menu is more expensive than what they say on their website - bresaola bruschetta 10 euro on the website but we were actually billed for 15 euro and small mixed sharing board (meat and cheese) was 20 euro but on the website it says 10 euro. With a bottle of Rioja, the bill was 70 euro. Wine and the food were very nice but slightly overpriced.

Posted 1st Dec 2014 by ORLAMC2121254133First Timer: 56 reviews

Lovely bruschetta pizza and vino with the girls- super little spot can't believe I hadn't been until now :) can't wait to go back! Lovely staff were super helpful with our wine choices and how much food to order and were bang on!

Posted 23rd Oct 2014 by CARMFirst Timer: 35 reviews

It was a really nice place to visit, but we were there at 5 and there were very few there. We had lovely pasta bruschetta with fresh cherry tomato and gorgeous pizza would definitely go back.

Posted 30th Sep 2014 by GIOFIZZFirst Timer: 1 reviews

I recently whiled away the hours in style with friends at the Bagots Hutton restaurant. Hidden on the ground floor, the seemingly small cantina gives way to a larger floor space behind in Italian style designs. The food and wine are good with pizzas and platters being served. A few wines weren't on offer including Malbecs but otherwise a comprehensive wine and drinks menu, all to be enjoyed in relaxed and chilled surroundings

Posted 16th Jul 2014 by VICTORIADEEFirst Timer: 1 reviews

Eight of us visited Bagots Hutton last Friday to celebrate some birthdays. For the sake of everyone, I'll leave it in points:

-The first two who arrived had their drinks orders taken, no bother. I was the third to arrive, and after I was shown to the table, we weren't given a second glance for about 40 minutes. After asking the waiter to help push our two tables together, he then left without taking our orders, and we had to ask him to come back to do so. It seemed woefully understaffed - apparently only the manager and one waiter for the entire restaurant on a Friday evening? All of us had pizzas except two who had a shared cheese/meats board. This board inexplicably arrived ten minutes after the rest of us had all FINISHED our meals. It didn't require any cooking...apparently just forgotten about?

- We ordered three bottles of house white, plus one beer. When we asked the price of the house white, our waiter told us 'around 20e' (the beer, we were told, 'around 5e'). Not only were we refused a specific price (which I'm fairly sure is illegal), the wine wasn't 'around 20e'. It was 28e. A significant difference. The beer was also more than a fiver. BUT the worst part was when we came to pay. When it finally came around to getting the bill, we were told it came to a gobsmacking €241. For a group of 8 young women, who had shared mains and drinks. When we queried this, we were dismissed with 'that's what it came to'. We asked for a bill - they don't do bills. We were left to ask for a menu and calculate our balance ourselves (around 180e). Eventually, some of us went back up to them and the manager ever-so-graciously sat himself down with a "so what's the problem?" and a smile, before concluding that indeed, our bill was incredibly off the mark. Apologies were lacklustre - we were told the waiter had been told to go and have a smoke and 'sort himself out', and no concessions were even offered towards our bill.

Won't be going back - food, while nice, was nothing special (I had a Four Seasons pizza, which at my count had only had three different vegetables on it). Atmosphere - I'm young, but there's still something sad about a restaurant/wine bar that can't decide whether it wants to be a pub or a club, and so mixes minimal lighting and a dj booth with people who are just trying to have a meal.

Posted 30th Jun 2014 by KITTYLOVESCOOKINGFirst Timer: 22 reviews

Absolutely fab place. Had a birthday party there with the girls the other day and we really enjoyed ourselves. The food and wine were both excellent. Staff are wonderful, very laid back and friendly. When they ran out of change in the till they actually gave me back my money and told me I can pay them later. I paid them with all coins then and there was no hassle at all. The place is so intimate and charming. A rare find! For all my foodie and wino friends out there I couldn't recommend this place highly enough!
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